Star Trek: Apollo


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Post 08 - The Andorian Pistol

Posted on Wed Nov 20th, 2019 @ 1:31am by Commander Tavinabolor Th'Vhilallal & Lieutenant Kimberly Wilson
Edited on on Wed Nov 20th, 2019 @ 5:48am

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Deck 3: Armory

Kimberly had completed her inventory scans with Kaden, when she made her way to the security office. She needed to check in with security. She had a personal Andorian pistol, that she purchased a few years back on Andor. She walked into the armory, and looked around.

Two officers sat behind the armory desk locked in debate, the older of the two, a scarred Andorian sat facing away from the entrance hunched over a disassembled phaser rifle.

"Here Volkin, this pin. If you strip the amplitude limiter back you can cause a cascade that will bypass it. You only get one or two shots after but they're each enough to drop a shuttles shields." The junior officer looked dumbstruck at his new department head. "Not that we'll ever get to do that but I told you that story about retaking DS9 was true." The Ensign sighed turning back to his logbook when he looked up at the sound of the door opening.

"Good morning Ma'am. Uh, Sir?" Tavin looked up from his work and stood, straightening his uniform before walking over to the armory counter.

"Oh! Good morning Ms. Wilson. Settling in?"

"Yes sir, I have a weapon, I need to register with you." Kimberly said, as she put a case on the counter, then opened it with a thumb print. She spun it around, still in its case, for Tavin to see it.

A small whistle escaped Tavin's lips as he looked over the plasma pistol hidden away in Kimberly's case. "Well now. I haven't seen one of these beauties in a while. Where did you pick this up? Well You can tell me the story as we fill out the forms." He passed a small dataslate across the table and gently picked up the pistol turning it over in his hands ensuring that it was safe and clear before looking down the sight.

Kimberly took the dataslate, and started to fill out the information. "I would be happy to tell you." She said, as started to work on the questionnaire form. She happy to see, that he was impressed with her personal weapon. Kimberly started to tell him a back story, about how she got the pistol, and how she legally purchased it.

Tavin took the data slate back from the young JG. "Perfect. Just keep her unloaded while on the ship unless a reason to use it comes up. Plasma burns are a pain to clean up." He almost reverently put the pistol back in the case before turning it back to Ms. Wilson. "Thank you for stopping by. I know it's regulation anyway but it was nice to see a beautiful piece of craftsmanship like that. Tavin chuckled. "Well now, I'm done waxing nostalgic. I think the captian and XO were going to have a small soiree this evening I trust I'll see you there?"

"Of course sir. I am looking forward to it." Kimberly said, as she prepared to walk out. She locked up her pistol back in the box, and started to take off. Thinking to herself, one thing down, countless more to go.


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