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Post 10 - Checklist to the heart

Posted on Tue Nov 26th, 2019 @ 12:47am by Lieutenant Kimberly Wilson & Lieutenant Kaden Thiesman

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Main Cargo Bay
Timeline: Mission Day 01 -1730 Hours

Kimberly started to walk down the corridors of the USS Apollo. The fresh paint smell was still in the carpet. She was straight off the line. As she started to walk down the corridors, she noticed that the deck was very silent. Which seemed odd to her at first. This is deck one, there should be a lot of commotion. Then it dawned on her, no one was on the ship, only a handful of personal.

Kimberly was one of the first to arrive. She was told to check in on Deck 2. Her room was located next to sickbay, and Med Lab 2. She opened the door, and took a look around. For a small ship, the room was pretty nice. She did not want to waste a lot of time in her quarters. She noticed her bags, were on the floor, she moved them to her bed. And walked out again, making her towards the lounge area. But then came up to the turbolift, and hoped in. "Deck three." She called out, as it did not take long for the turbolift to arrive at deck 3.

Kimberly started to make her way to the main cargo bay. As she started to walk by the armory, she started to get some flash backs, with her time with Iman, not that she missed him. But that she had put her romantic love life on hold. She was 25 now, still single and no child. She assumed by now, she would have one kid, maybe two by this stage. The size of the ship did not take her long, to walk to the main cargo room. She walked in and took a look around. Preparing to start the inventory checklist.

Kaden has been sent to assist Lieutenant...Wilson with her inventory in the cargo bay. He hoped he hadn’t taken too long but he had dropped his bags off at his quarters before he headed to meet her.

Walking into the cargo bay, he was relieved to see it looked like she was just getting started. Kaden headed over and came to a stop.

“Lieutenant Thiesman,” He identified himself. “I am here to lend a hand.”

"Great." Kimberly said, as she handed him a pad, her face was burred into the data pad. She did not bother to look up at first. When she handed him a pad. "I'm going to start on the far right, do you want to start on the left?" Kimberly asked him.

Kaden took the padd from her hand. “That is fine. There is a lot to do I see.” He waited for her to look up at him.

"I appreciate your help." Kimberly started to say, noticing that he was not moving. She wondered what that was about. Even though, she was looking at him, she could see with her side view, bodies moving around. "Is there some....." She started to say, as she looked up and noticed how attractive he was. She lost her train of thought for a moment. Then noticed the rank on his uniform. "Sir." She managed to say to him.

Kaden was stunned by the beautiful woman in front of him. He stood for a moment and realized he was staring. “Kaden.” He finally said. “We’re going to be stuck here for a while.”

"You can call me Lieutenant or Kimmy." She suggested with a big grin on her face. Then she went to look at the data pad again. "We have a lot of things to inventory, but we can get it done. If you want, we can work on it together."

“I would prefer that,” Kaden replied. “It will go faster that way.” The Truth was he wanted to get to know her.

"If we are going to work together, might as well call me Kimmy. I'm the new Operations Chief on the ship." She said, with a big grin on her face. She was just as eager, to get to know him.

“I’m Flight Control Chief,” Kaden replied. “How long you been here?”

"Just arrived, the captain put me to work down here. Of course I told him I am ready, barely anything to unpack at my quarters. So might as well, make myself useful." Kimberly said, as she started to scan one of the containers, before opening it.

“I had the same plan,” Kaden said with a smile. “The faster we get things done the better.”

"The question I can't seem to answer is, why am I in a rush to get things done? Once I finish one thing. I move onto the next thing. It happens over and over again." Kimberly suggested to him, as she started to look inside the container. "Everything appears to be here."

Kaden smiled. “Maybe you want to leave and be out on a mission like everyone else.” He likes her motivation and grabbed a container to start helping.

"Isn't that why we signed up for Starfleet, to be apart of something greater. To help the Federation?" Kimberly asked, as she started to put the lid on the first container.

“Yes it is,” Kaden smiled. “This is a necessary evil to get us there.”

"I don't mind doing inventory count. It gives me a chance to interact and mingle with the crew. Are you going to the first officers meet and greet later on tonight?" Kimberly asked, as they walked over to another container.

"Yes," Kaden nodded. "It is a good way to meet the crew." He smiled at her. "Like we are getting to know each other now. Are you going?" He hoped so, Kaden wanted to get to know here better.

"I am, it will be nice to know someone to talk too." Kimberly said to him, as they continued to open the new container. She had a big smile on her face.

“Let’s get this finished then.” Kaden said with a smile, looking forward to the evening.

Kimberly just smiled, as they continued on. Deep down, she had a good feeling about Kaden. She hoped her feeling was spot on, as the scene starts to fade away.

A mission post by

Lieutenant Kaden Theisman
Chief Control Flight Officer
USS Apollo
Lieutenant(JG) Kimberly Wilson
Chief Operations Officer
USS Apollo


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