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Post 47 - Andorian Incursion

Posted on Thu Apr 16th, 2020 @ 9:55pm by
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Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Andorian Command Ship
Timeline: Mission Day 04 - 0830 Hours

[Andorian Command Ship]
[Day 04 - 0830 Hours]

Caspian, T'Pom and Keval materialised aboard the Andorian command vessel in a dimly lit compartment. Caspian flicked open her tricorder with one hand and drew her phaser with the other. The glow from the device lit her face from below in a ghostly manner as she slowly turned full circle, the tricorder sounding too-loud in the confined space.

Chief Rembrandt had dropped them exactly where they we supposed to be - in the auxiliary environmental engineering bay, chosen due to the fact that it was unlikely to be visited by one of the Andorian crewmembers during the war game.

"Alright," Caspian nodded. "T'Pom, get that device wired into their system. Keval, you watch that door," she said gesturing to the furthest away of the two doors. "I'll cover this one."

As the operations officer knelt next to an EPS access hatch to patch in the incursion device, Caspian checked her tricorder once more as Keval moved to cover the aft-wards door of the compartment.

"How long, T'Po..." Caspian began. Before she could finish her enquiry, her tricorder began to emit a series of persistent high-pitched sounds. "Ah... shit," she cursed.

The door closest to her hissed open, and Andorian officer framed in the doorway.

"Hiya," Caspian greeted him with a broad smile. She raised her training phaser. "Pew, pew, pew! You're dead, mate."

The Andorian looked confused. "I'm dead? Who are you?"

"We're a boarding party from Apollo and you're a dead man. Come in and close the door - you're letting all the heat out."

The Andorian looked even more confused, but entered the room as he was instructed. The door closed behind him. "Is... the universal translator malfunctioning?"

Caspian shrugged. "Possibly. Probably. Who cares? Ensign Keval, tie him up will you?" She looked down to see that T'Pom had just finished installing the incursion device, connecting the unit as planned to the Andorian vessel's command and control systems via the EPS system. Caspian tapped her combadge as she holstered her useless weapon.

"Apollo, Caspian. Mission accomplished. We're ready to beam back."

The familiar chiming sound filled the air as Caspian felt the shimmering transporter beam encompass her.

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LTJG Charlie Caspian
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ENS Epkereamaka Keval
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