Star Trek: Apollo


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Post 43 - Double check my numbers

Posted on Wed Mar 18th, 2020 @ 2:57am by Lieutenant Kaden Thiesman & Lieutenant Kimberly Wilson

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Planetology Lab 1

"Anyone else on this ship?" Kimberly started to say with a chuckle on her face. "It's a small ship, and you are the only person, I see over and over again." Kimberly pointed out to Kaden, as she sat in the lounge, which was only down the cooridor from her quarters.

“It seems like that doesn’t it?” Kaden replied. “I don’t mind though at least we have already met and like each others company.”

"You are persistent." Kimberly said, but saying it in a softer tone. She liked him chasing her.

“I am,” Kaden nodded. “You already know that I like you. And it seems like fate wants us to spend time together as well.”

"Or a very persistent man." Kimberly counter pointed to him. She knew it was all him. Not fate, but him and his own lustful feelings mixed in with his heart filled feelings.

“Yet we end up in the same places,” Kaden replied. “Some of it I admittedly took to finding you but some was pure accidental.”

"Some?" Kimberly asked, not believing that. It was clear, he was pursuing her. Not that she really minded at all.

“Well like now,” Kaden smiled his best innocent smile. “How could I possibly know you were here?”

"Ships computer." Kimberly pointed out to him. That was to easy, she thought to herself.

“Nope,” Kaden shook his head and smiled. “I saw you headed this way and I was hungry so here I am.”

"So your stalking me, are you?" Kimberly asked in a playful manner. She was not being sincere in her tone. She was egging him on a little bit.

“More like I enjoy being around you,” Kaden said with a smile. “So I followed you, I guess that could be called stalking.”

"He admits it, thats the first step." Kimberly busted out laughing.

Kaden grinned. “It is a thing for me, I can’t play games I tell on myself, I am too honest for that.”

"Well you need to give me time to accept you or reject you." Kimberly pointed out to him. She liked him, but she had her concerns. He was a little more aggressive than she liked.

“I will back off some,” Kaden said with a nod. “I admit I haven’t given you much room to breathe.”

"Thanks. And you haven't." Kimberly pointed out to him. "But if you want to stay tonight here and keep me company, I would not mind." She said, throwing him a ray of hope.

“Thanks,” Kaden smiled. “I am hungry that is the truth. What are you eating?”

"Hasperat Su-Filet" Kimberly teased him. She was not really eating that, she was completing her work. Maybe he meant to ask, what do you want to eat.

Kaden frowned. “What is it?” He had never heard of it. “Some kind of fish?”

"Bajorean delicacy, but not exactly sure." Kimberly said to him, with a giggle in her voice.

“Ewww,” Kaden shuddered. “I think I will have meatloaf.”

"Is that any better?" Kimberly asked, with a giggling laugh.

“Probably not but we basically know what is in it,” Kaden grinned. “It sounds like maybe their are worms or something.”

"Meatloaf is worms?" Kimberly asked, a little confused. She tried to have a serious look on her face. But what he said was funny, despite being confusing.

"I was talking about the Bajorean delicacy not the meatloaf," Kaden's eyes grew concerned. "You don't think there is weird things in the meatloaf do you?"

"Whatever makes you happy." Kimberly said, with a teasing grin on her face. She was not going to respond to that trap question.

“Okay I’ll get something different,” Kaden frowned. “A chicken salad should be safe.”

"Not adventurous huh?" Kimberly asked him, waiting to see how he responded to her inquiry.

“Not when it comes to mystery meat.” Kaden smiled. “I like to know what food I am putting in my stomach. I am up to trying new things as long as I known what it is.”

"No sense of adventure, got it." Kimberly smirked at him. Deep down, she could not blame him. She felt the same way. But it was fun to tease him.

“I admit it,” Kaden grinned. “When it comes to food I am boring.” His eyes lit up. “You could always try to corrupt me.”

"I prefer my men, to stand on their own. Without corruption for me. Pitty you are boring." She suggested teasingly.

Kaden smiled. “I am plenty strong enough when it comes to something that important to me.” His eyes were on hers. “Food isn’t one of them, unless it is a decadent dessert.”

"This is not helping your case." Kimberly pointed out to him. She liked the guy, but she needed to say confidence and compassion.

“I am what I am,” Kaden replied. “I am honest, caring and compassionate. I believe in treating others well, that someone special so that they know they are but also to respect their strength and independence.”

"But you do not mind smothering or stalking them huh? Well I suppose in your defense, the ship is only so big, and we both live on the same deck." Kimberly pointed out to him.

“I have already agreed to back off and not be so smothering,” Kaden replied. “I didn’t meant to make you feel that way. I am at times over zealous.”

"And a little to serious, its what makes it fun to pick on you." Kimberly said, as she reached over to hold his hand. "I am only teasing you, cause I like it too." She said, with a big grin on her face.

Kaden laughed. “That is a relief. I was worried there for a moment, I need to loosen up some.”

"Yes you do, but we can work on that together." Kimberly suggested to him, with a warm smile on her face.

Kaden smiled. She was confident and always had something funny or witty to say. “I look forward to it.”


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