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Post 42 - Blowing Off Steam

Posted on Sun Mar 8th, 2020 @ 5:27am by Captain Sean Gaudain & Ensign Kieran Quinn

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Deck 04 - Gymnasium
Timeline: Mission Day 03 - 2200 Hours

[USS Apollo - NCC-82789]
[Deck 04 - Gymnasium]
[Mission Day 03 - 2200 Hours]

After his return with Tanner and Cal from the Arcturus, Gaudain headed straight to the ship's gym. The mix of alcohol and synthehol with small talk and the unpleasantness he associated with formal functions had left his head muddled, and he wanted to sweat it out. Since even before joining Starfleet Academy, he'd used physical exertion to focus himself, and setting himself to the weight bench had become as much ritualistic as it was for health purposes. He liked the strain and the burn in his muscles, but it wasn't quite enough to get his mind off of the rest of the evening. Mercifully, the room was otherwise empty.

Gaudain hadn't expected to meet the man who had been offered command of the Apollo before him, nor for him to be so smug and stuck-up. He wanted to ask Lancaster why he would ever turn down his own ship to serve as a first officer, but seeing the Arcturus helped him understand; he couldn't help but wonder where he would be if Lancaster hadn't said no, but he was glad that the other man had done so. He could already tell that he needed to steer as clear from him as possible once they were in the Delta Quadrant; the last thing he needed was someone like that pointing out his every mistake to the fleet captain.

He also wasn't expecting to get a lecture from Roy Tanner; he was grateful to have him aboard, but it seemed an awful lot like the admiral had wanted someone aboard to keep an eye on him. He wasn't particularly enthusiastic about having anyone who knew him as a junior officer serving under him, but at least he was assured that his engines would always be in top shape.

As he was finishing a set, he heard the doors to the gym open.

"Need a spot, Captain?"

Gaudain looked up to see Ensign Quinn standing there with a smile. He recognized him from the previous night at the bar on the starbase; a member of the quartet of junior officers that had prevented him from drinking in peace. He and one of the ensigns in science had been seemingly competing over one of the nurses and had only succeeded in causing him to storm out of the bar. It had been a memorable way to meet a newly-minted Ensign.

"No thanks, Quinn. I was just finishing up," Gaudain replied, studying the younger man for a moment before hopping up to wipe down the bench. He recognized Quinn's type very easily: young, ambitious, and far too handsome for his own good. If his reparté with Ensign Murphy was any indicator, Gaudain doubted that Quinn would go long without earning a metaphorical (or literal) smack from one of the senior officers.

"Sorry, sir. That was presumptuous," Quinn replied.

Gaudain sighed. "Relax, Ensign," he said, before going over to one of the treadmills. He nearly sighed again when the younger man got onto the one next to him. The captain set his machine at a moderate pace and incline, which the ensign, of course, matched. During the course of his twenty-minute jog, he caught the ensign stealing glances a few times, which is something he was used to, but it was more annoying than intriguing than it would have been a week or so ago when he was still a Commander. The Galaxy had been large enough to make dalliances not awkward, but with a crew of just 95, he couldn't afford to have any sense of impropriety in the air, among other reasons.

Once he was done with the treadmill, Gaudain reset the incline and walked over to the small replicator in the corner. Quinn kept going for another few seconds, but made it a point to finish after the captain did, which wasn't exactly surprising.

"Computer, ice water," Gaudain said, looking over at Quinn as he came over, too. "Make it two. Not too hungover, I hope?"

Quinn chuckled. "Thanks, sir. Nah, I'm fine. The night pretty much petered out after you left...," he replied, taking one of the glasses.

"Probably a good thing. Might be a good idea to know what your captain looks like, next time you go out drinking before a new assignment," Gaudain replied.

"Yeah, that was definitely not the first impression I wanted to make, sir. I took the liberty of reading your file today, though, sir. You're probably one of the most decorated pilots in the fleet. It'll be a pleasure serving under you," Quinn replied, lacing flirtation into every word of that statement. It was definitely tempting; it definitely would have been a way of blowing off some steam, but it would also give the cocky ensign far too much satisfaction.

"I am one of the most decorated pilots in the fleet," Gaudain corrected.

"Well, I'd be grateful for any pointers, sir."

Gaudain chuckled. "Okay, first pointer: stop trying so hard," he said, before finishing off his water. "Have a good night, ensign," he added, before leaving a blushing Quinn alone in the gym.

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Captain Sean Gaudain
Commanding Officer
USS Apollo

Ensign Kierran Quinn
Reserve Flight Control Officer
USS Apollo


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