Star Trek: Apollo


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Post 46 - Ready Down Below

Posted on Sat Apr 11th, 2020 @ 4:55am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Berash Joss & Commander Roy Tanner

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Deck 07 - Main Engineering
Timeline: Mission Day 04 - 0820 Hours

[USS Apollo - NCC-82789]
[Deck 07 - Main Engineering]
[Mission Day 04 - 0820 Hours]

Engineering was bustling with activity as the ship raced towards the location of the war game; though none of the damage they might sustain during the war game would be 'real,' the computer was programmed to damage systems in a way consistent with the simulated weapons fire they might take.

"Confirming engine limiting software is working correctly, Commander," Senior Chief Joss reported from the console on the warp core railing. Despite not needing power for the weapons beyond basic training blasts, the rules of the game prevented the ship from using that extra power to give them an advantage when it came to engine or sensor power, so limitations had been programmed into the computer.

"Very well, Senior Chief. Let me know when the tactical systems are in simulation mode if you will." Tanner stood in the centre of the small engine room, watching his team carry out their duties smoothly and with a minimum of fuss. He hadn't had the chance to speak to Lieutenant Commander Niun before he had been reassigned, but Tanner had to admit that the Mri officer had put together a well skilled team.

Tanner wore the black trousers, boots and belt from the new uniform, but that was where his commitment to the new regulations ended. Above the trousers he wore the mustard-coloured shirt from the 2380s uniform, the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows, his rank pins visible on the turtleneck collar. Over the shirt he wore a black engineer's waistcoat with padded shoulders, an engineering tricorder on his left hip and in a tie-down pouch slung from his right hip he carried his hyperspanner, coil spanner and decoupler. He pushed his new baseball cap backwards and scratched his head. With a sudden grin he looked back over to Joss.

"Senior Chief - this idea of the Captain's to put a device on one o' the Andorian boats to take over their systems... All twelve of their ships will most likely have comms open once we start the war game... If we designed a command subroutine as part of this device - we could hide a carrier signal in their comms an' order their whole damn fleet to stand down - weapons, shields, engines... the lot! You think of any reason that couldn't work?"

The Tellarite considered that question for a moment. "I am certain that Andorian ships use some sort of prefix code to prevent that from happening, Commander," he said, looking up at him. "Command functions would not be accessible remotely even from one of the ships in their fleet... but if the device were placed on their command ship, it's possible that we could plant false orders into their command stream to give our side an advantage. Andorians don't tend to question their chain of command. This would never work on a Tellarite ship, though," the chief suggested.

"Course it wouldn't," Tanner agreed. "That's cos Tellarites are smarter than Andorians. But if we planted the device on their command ship...The skipper might not go for it of course - but let's plan for it just in case. Seeing as apparently someone's decided that it's more important to have Lieutenant Jones' services aboard Arcturus for the foreseeable future, get Ensign Jorek to give ya a hand, she's around here someplace. I'll let the skipper know what we're thinkin' At least he'll have the option..." Tanner moved to a console and tapped out a message to Gaudain.

"You Humans always make me think my universal translator is broken, Commander," Joss noted, as he turned around to look for the ensign in question. As he was doing so, the throttles for the impulse engines all jumped to high. "It looks like we're about to begin," he added.

"That's right Senior Chief, if in doubt, insult the Human." replied Tanner. He looked round at his team who were all monitoring their assigned stations intently. he'd ordered three of the four engineering stations configured to monitor Propulsion, Power and Tactical Systems with the fourth set up as the Engineering Master Systems Display. Each station had an engineering officer assigned to it, supported by an NCO or experienced crewman.

"Alright Engineers!" he called. "Here we go! Watch your panels and call out anythin' that falls outside normal operating parameters! Propulsion! I know the manual states that the impulse deck output is only rated to 98% of max output but I know from experience we can get her to 112% without blowin' the EPS couplings - so if Lieutenant Thiesman calls for more power, give him whatever he needs!" He swallowed the last of his coffee, dropping the empty mug onto the the duty engineering officer's desk as he passed, making his way forward across the compartment.

"Senior Chief Joss, take the MSD if you please. I'll take the core." He stepped up to the raised area around the exposed vertical warp core just in time to see energy spikes appear on the monitor station as Apollo's dummy weapons began to fire.


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