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Post 44 - The Game's Afoot

Posted on Sat Apr 11th, 2020 @ 4:52am by Captain Sean Gaudain & Commander Roy Tanner & Commander T'Laruk Akaigan & Lieutenant Kaden Thiesman & Lieutenant Kimberly Wilson & Lieutenant Markus Sheppard

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Deck 01 - Main Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 04 - 0800 Hours

[USS Apollo - NCC-82789]
[Deck 01 - Main Bridge]
[Mission Day 04 - 0820 Hours]

The Apollo was flying at the front of the task group, a fitting place given her speed and sensor abilities, even though the game had not yet technically started. Captain Gaudain had to admit that he liked the new duty uniform, though he was no fashion plate. It fit a little more tightly than the one standard to the fleet and he liked the way that commanding officers now had distinctive white shoulders; he was never afraid of standing out, after all. When they arrived in the area of engagement, the marker buoy had already been set up and Vice Admiral Knox was waiting aboard his Excelsior-class flagship, the Hephaestion, the very same ship that Gaudain himself had served on under Knox as a junior lieutenant.

"Hail, Caesar. Your gladiators salute you," Gaudain muttered, dryly, using sarcasm to mask his feelings about seeing her in the viewscreen. He squirmed a little in the chair, deeply uncomfortable at the sight of the ship where his fiance had died next to him on the bridge. "Viewer to tactical plot," he said, replacing the image of the ship with a map of the area. The Andorian ships were already in position, taking a traditional wedge formation about half an AU from the simulated wormhole.

"The flagship is signaling us to lead Humble and Zurakowski around to the back of the fleet, so we can swing around as a vanguard under the cover of the larger ships' weapons," Cal reported.

"You heard 'em, Theisman. Bring us about and get us behind the cruisers. Full impulse," Gaudain said, crossing his arms. "Wilson, tie into the project control center and have all sensor data fed directly to the computer on the Arcturus."

Kaden went to work, doing what he loved. He brought the ship to the ordered destination at full impulse and then waited for his next orders. This was where he felt most at home.

Kimberly's role in this war game would be crucial. And she knew it. She was still getting use to coordinating with the project control center, that had science personnel monitoring sensor data from the array, and from the near by probes. "We are in the green and transmitting data now." Kimberly called out, with a big grin on her face.

"Tactical, when we come 'round, I want a salvo of simulated quantums locked and loaded. We're going to hit as many of the Andorians as possible to distract them and pull them off balance. Andorian tactics favor concentrating firepower on a single target and I want to make that as difficult as possible for them," the captain ordered, spinning around to look at Sheppard.

Sheppard moved his hands across his console punching in the commands to load the virtual torpedoes. "Aye Captain, I have 3 volleys armed and locked." he reported back to Captain Gaudain.

"T'Laruk, keep an eye on the sensors; we need to be ready to help any of the bigger ships if the you-know-what hits the fan," Gaudain said, to the counselor standing at the auxiliary station behind the command chairs.

"Aye, Sir," T'Laruk acknowledged, adjusting the station's display accordingly. The Apollo, while far from the smallest vessel in the area, would still be doing less of the work than the larger ships in this exercise - though things could certainly change at any moment; if that turned out to be the case, it would be easier for the Captain to decide how to intervene if multiple members of the bridge crew had been constantly monitoring.

A short time had passed, and Kimberly watched on her viewer, as two small devices were launched. She quickly tapped on her intercom. "Enemy is baiting us, they have launched two probes bearing coordinates 145 by 25." Kimberly called out, she wondered, where they jamming probes, or intelligence probes.

"Ignore them. We'll pick them off if they get within one of our firing arcs, but they're not a priority. Helm, stay on course," Gaudain ordered. The Apollo and two Saber-class frigates passed behind the fleet at high impulse as the cruisers formed a line ahead of them, lobbing simulated torpedoes at the Andorian destroyers.

A message from Engineering flashed up on the small screen situated between the CO and XO chairs.

"Skipper/XO - If we can get device aboard lead ship, maybe way to use command codes via comm to order rest to stand down. Advise if req. Tanner."

Gaudain tapped a two word reply into the panel. "Do it." He leaned forwards in his seat, watching the viewscreen intently.

"Lieutenant Wilson - signal Zarakowski and Humble," he ordered, referring to the two Saber class vessels which had accompanied Apollo on her initial attack run. "Ask 'em to stay with us - we're gonna run back through the middle of the Andorian formation and see if we can cause some trouble."

He glanced over to the tactical station. "Mr Sheppard - ready another salvo of simulated quantums. Full spread. And standby on phasers." Then a brief glance at his monitor before addressing Apollo's conn officer: "Mr Thiesman, bring us about. New heading one-seven-eight mark zero-three-eight. Maintain full impulse, evasive pattern delta. Take us right through the middle of the Andorian line."

He leaned back in his seat now, a smile touched the corners of Gaudain's mouth as he began to enjoy himself. Apollo and her two companion vessels turned back towards the Andorian destroyers, the adversary ships now filling the forward viewscreen. "Commander T'Laruk, keep a close eye on those sensors. Lieutenant Sheppard..." Gaudain paused. "Light 'em up."

Kimberly did not say a word, but carried out her Captain's orders. She had signaled both ships, and they had responded accordingly. "Captain the Zarakowski, and the Humble have responded and are doubling back." Kimberly finally said, waiting to give him something to report.

The Apollo continued moving forward as she lobbed torpedoes at her opponents. Blasts of golden energy lashed out from the Arcturus as the cruisers screened her, and she managed to take down one of the Andorian destroyers in the first volley, but the Andorians' blue beams disabled one of their ships as well.

"Away team to bridge. Standing by to beam over to the lead Andorian vessel on your command," Caspian reported from the transporter room.

"Stand by. We're targetting the command ship," Gaudain replied, as the Apollo rolled to avoid enemy fire. The small ship was able to turn tighter and pull more aggressive manuvers than the fast but front-heavy Andorian ships could. "I want everything we've got targetting on the point that their engine exhaust interfaces with their shields," he said, when they managed to manuver behind the command ship. They were taking fire in the process, but the cruisers largely served as a distraction for them.

The Apollo had the same Type-XII phasers mounted to her larger cousins in the fleet, and with another salvo of torpedoes and sustained barrage from her forward phasers, she was able to weaken the command ship's aft shields just enough to get a transporter signal through, just enough to put their plan into action.

"Let's see what they do with that," Gaudain said, with a smirk.


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