Star Trek: Apollo


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Post 35 Your assistance, could be helpful

Posted on Fri Feb 28th, 2020 @ 7:10pm by Lieutenant Kaden Thiesman & Lieutenant Kimberly Wilson

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Planetology Lab 1

Kimberly was hard at work, in the science labs. She was trying to get the measurement and the power flow requirements part of the assignment down. She still needed to talk to the Chief Science Officer, but she wanted to make sure, everything was in order, before she did that.

Kaden was at loose ends and decided to check out what Kimberly was working on. He wouldn’t interrupt her work, he was simply interested and wanted to observe. He headed into science and found her, keeping his distance as not to disturb her.

"Keeping tabs on me?" Kimberly grinned, seeing that Kaden was making another excuse to see. She thought it was very sweet of him. Deep down, she liked him too.

Kaden smiled. “Nice of your to notice.” He came further into the room. “I tracked you down here, wanted to see you as well as watch you work.”

"Tracked me down?" Kimberly asked softly, she liked the idea. But she wanted him to clarify why.

“I wanted to spend more time with you,” Kaden explained. “I really like you.” He smiled then. “So I’m using your project, which I am interested in, as an excuse to see you.”

"That's a little forward, don't you think?" Kimberly asked, feeling a little resistant to his comment.

“Maybe,” Kaden said with a smile. “But it is honest. I am not asking you on a date I just want to get to know you.”

"Sounds like bull, your cute and charming but your coming on to strong." Kimberly pointed out to him. She wanted him to try less. She liked his idea of getting to know each other.

Kaden looked at her. “How do you plan to get to know me if we don’t spend any time together? This project is interesting and gives some sense of you as a person.” He paused. “Perhaps I got too enthusiastic, would you like me to go?”

"You can stay, just slow down a little." Kimberly said, not wanting him to go. She would prefer things to happen at slower pace. Not full dive.

“Ok,” Kaden nodded. “Can I see what you are doing?” He was interested, that wasn’t to impress her.

"Here." Kimberly said, as she picked up the data pad, she had laying next to her. She was taking some measurements with a scanning device.

Kaden started looking at it. “This is impressive.” He murmured. “You really did your homework this is going to be exceptional.”

"Thanks, I need to get the CSO to sign off on this." Kimberly pointed out to him, as she continued to get her measurements.

Kaden watched her as she worked. She was well focused on what she was doing and careful as well. “Anything I can do?”

"Check my measurements." Kimberly said, hoping he would not take that as a sign to comment on her body.

Kaden almost said something of a personal nature but remembered her comment about backing off some. He looked them over and compared them to her work. “They look good.”

"You are either that confident in me or that blinded. Double check my work." Kimberly told him. He was clearly distracted by her.

Kaden went back and took another look. His eyes met hers. “You are slightly off, see right here.” He leaned forward and showed her.

"Very good, he does pay attention." Kimberly said with a big grin. He got her placed mistake. She had a feeling that he would stop by. She needed to make sure he had something to do.

“It isn’t that far off,” Kaden replied quickly. “I can help you adjust it if you wish.”

"Why not, I could use the help." Kimberly suggested to him. She really did not need his help. But she wanted him to feel like she did. So he would have something to do, other than stare at her.

“Okay let’s do this then,” Kaden said with a smile. He was glad to have something to do. He didn’t want her thinking he was some kind of stalker.

Kimberly smiled, as the scene starts to fade away with the two of them working together.


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