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Post 41 - Of A Personal Nature

Posted on Thu Mar 5th, 2020 @ 6:42pm by Commander Roy Tanner

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Deck 06 - Chief Engineer's Quarters
Timeline: Day 03 - 2345

[USS Apollo - Deck 06 - Chief Engineer's Quarters]
[Day 03 - 2345]

As good as his word, Lieutenant Jones had put together a team to swiftly 'normalise' the Chief Engineer's quarters. The Japanese decor and furniture had been removed and Tanner was relieved to see a bed, desk, table and chairs, couches and bookcases in their place. He sat on the end of the bed in the separate bedroom and bounced up and down twice. No doubt it would take him a few nights to get used to sleeping on a Starfleet issue mattress again, but by the end of the week no doubt he'd be sleeping like a baby.

At the sound of a transporter beam in the main living area of his quarters, Tanner got to his feet.

A young Cardassian woman wearing the uniform and rank insignia of an engineering ensign stood in the centre of the room, surrounded by regulation transport crates, the size used for personal effects. She tapped at a PADD thoughtfully. She stiffened smartly as Tanner appeared in the doorway. "Sir," she snapped. He flapped his hand in her general direction.

"At ease, at ease. Don't bother with any of that rubbish," he told her.

"Aye sir," the woman nodded, making no attempt to relax. "Commander, all of your personal effects have now been transported over from Starbase 38. Sixteen crates." Although the tone of her voice remained measured, the expression on her face suggested that the ensign considered sixteen crates of personal effects to be an excessive amount for any officer.

"I like to have my things around me - ya know? An' a man of my age accumulates a fair bit. Thank you for arranging this, Ensign...?"

"Jorek, sir. Toral Jorek. I'm Apollo's Fourth Engineer."

"Gotcha," Tanner nodded as he opened the nearest crate. He lifted out a grey stetson and set it aside, followed by two handfuls of books.

"Are they... originals?" Jorek leaned forward slightly with renewed interest.

"No, 'fraid not," Tanner replied. "Replicated, rather than original publications - but still better than readin' from a screen if you ask me. When your entire working life has revolved around reading technical manuals from a console or a padd, it's a nice change gettin' stuck into a good pot-boiler every now and again. You read much literature Toral?"

"Yes sir," she replied enthusiastically. "Whenever I have time."

"Whaddya like best? Romance? Westerns? Historical?"

"Mysteries sir," she said, the smile becoming broader. "I love mysteries and thrillers."

"A good whodunnit eh? You ever read Sherlock Holmes?" he asked.

"Sherlock Holmes? I'm not aware of that genre sir," Jorek said with a frown.

Tanner laughed. "Holmes isn't a genre, he's a character. London's greatest consulting detective from 19th century Earth." He rummaged in the open packing crate before pulling out a well-read tome. "Here ya go Ensign. 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'. Give it a go. You'll love it." He tossed the book across the room to the young officer who caught it clumsily between her right hand and her PADD.

"Thank you sir," she beamed.

"No problem. Let me know how you get on with it. Now beat it Toral, this shit ain't all gonna unpack itself ya know."

"Yes sir. Thank you sir," she said again. Jorek moved to the door. "And welcome aboard sir."

"Beat it," Tanner waved her away good-naturedly. He continued unpacking - seven more cowboy hats of a variety of colours and styles, more books - enough to fill the tall bookcase which stood next to the desk plus the smaller one in the bedroom, two large oil paintings - one of his ranch in Montana and one of all seven of his children, his personal clothing and boots, his well-used and well-cared for saddle and bridle, various battered items of climbing gear, a large box of vintage musical recordings on isolinear chips and a portable player, his guitar, his vintage baseball bat, ball & catcher's mitt, a case of medium-roast Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, two cases of Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados rum, his good crystal glasses. The terminal on the desk bleeped once for attention.

=/\= Personal recorded message for Commander Roy Tanner, Chief Engineering Officer, USS Apollo =/\=

"Who from?"

=/\= Lieutenant Commander Lucy Tanner, Chief Engineering Officer, USS Palomino =/\=

"Put 'er on screen". Tanner's face softened as the wall-mounted screen was filled with the face of his third eldest child and eldest daughter.

=/\= Hey Dad, so we all got your message. And none of us could believe our ears =/\= Lucy grinned at him from the recording.

=/\= I guess you predicted we'd all think you're mad, going back into space at your age... well we don't. None of us. We're all really happy for you. Well, maybe not Jack - he's just worried that if you manage to somehow get promoted, he won't be the only captain in the Tanner family any more. Listen Dad, I don't have long - BuPers wouldn't tell us where you were being assigned to - we only found out the name of your ship because Tom managed to persuade a guy he's been seeing in Intelligence to do some digging for us. And even now we don't know where you're going - only that not a single crew member aboard Apollo has their next posting identifed on their personnel file. And to me that means you're planning to be away for a while. So in true Tanner family style, we've all got together to get you a bon voyage present to show you how happy we are that you're back doing what you love - and what you taught us to love. It's a file attached to this message - just tell the computer to replicate 'Dad Present One'. I love you Dad - we all do. Have fun out there and we'll see you soon. =/\=

Lucy waved goodbye from the screen, blew him a kiss and vanished.

Tanner wiped the moisture from his eyes with rough fingers as he continued to smile at the now-darkened screen.

"Computer," he said eventually after clearing his throat. "Save that message to my personal file and replicate 'Dad Present One'".

The computer chirped in acknowledgement and the distinct 'shimmering' sound of a replicator followed. Tanner chuckled as he approached the replicator slot.

A black baseball cap had materialised. The brim was decorated with embroidered gold oak leaves around the edge, while the front of the cap showed Chief Engineer - USS Apollo - NCC-82789 in embroidered gold characters. He looked at it fondly for a moment before settling it in place on his head. "Love you kids," he said quietly. Then more loudly: "Computer. Play Serenade No.13 for strings in G Major by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra."

As the first violin notes began to fill the room, Tanner started to hum along, content with his lot in life as he continued to unpack his belongings.

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Commander Roy Tanner
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Apollo


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