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Post 33 Securing Introductions

Posted on Thu Feb 27th, 2020 @ 11:15pm by Lieutenant Markus Sheppard & Captain Sean Gaudain

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: USS Apollo - Deck 2
Timeline: Mission Day 03 - 1500

[USS Apollo - Transporter Room 1]
[Mission Day 03 - 1500]

The new Security Chief materialized on the pad of the Apollo's transporter room and was greeted by the quartermaster on duty.

He stepped down and handed his PADD over.

"Lt. Markus Sheppard, Chief of Security reporting in" he announced.

The quartermaster reviewed the orders and acknowledged his arrival.

"Welcome to Apollo, Sir. You've arrived in time for the activities to commence tomorrow. Your assigned Deck 2, Cabin 5. Captain Gaudain will want to see you personally I'm sure, I'll advise him of your arrival."

"Thank you Chief, happy to be here." replied Markus has he took back to PADD and adjusted the bag over his shoulder.

Leaving out the doors and into the corridor he referenced the door number and oriented himself to the direct of this quarters.

Apollo was a relatively small and compact ship so it took little time to notice his cabin was only 3 rooms down from the transoporter room.

He pressed the key pad and the door swooshed open, acknowledging him as the new occupant.

Setting his bag down he wanted to get right to work. He had ended up arriving almost a full day later then had expected and had some catch up he needed to do.

"Computer, locate Captain Gaudain" Markus asked aloud

"Captain Gaudain is in Cargo Bay 1," the computer reported.

One of the advantages of serving on a smaller vessel was the relative closeness of everything on board.

Markus moved back towards the door and passed through as it swooshed open. He stepped out and made a path for the turbolift.

There were still engineers with panels off the wall as they made final preparations for the games ahead.

Markus dodged around a pair of workers before reaching the turbolift and entering.

"Deck 4, Cargo Bay 1." he asked of the computer. He stepped to the deck and headed for the Cargo Bay.

[USS Apollo - Cargo Bay 1]
[Mission Day 03 - 1515]

Captain Gaudain was at the far end of the bay, using the free-standing console near where the two shuttle pods were parked. He pressed a few controls and then the local alert sounded as the large door at the end of the bay began to open, a blue forcefield shimmering into place to keep the atmosphere of the room in.

The doors to the Cargo Bay rumbled open and Markus moved through to find the bay exterior door sliding open and a singular man in command red standing at the far side console.

He approached from behind and confirmed the 4 pips on the mans neck. Markus had read the his new Captain had a bit of a reputation for more ease then most in Starfleet. The Chief hoped to get off on good footing.

"Good afternoon, Captain. I hope I am not interrupting." Markus took up a loose attention stance next to his CO. "Lieutenant Markus Sheppard, Sir. Chief of Security for Apollo."

"Afternoon, Lieutenant," Gaudain replied, with a bit of a drawl as he finished what he was doing with the console. "The transporter room said you'd come aboard. You missed our warp engine test yesterday, but Lieutenant Caspian filled in just fine on the bridge. Hop in," he said, gesturing to the shuttlepod, which had #3 Eagle emblazoned on the hull. It was barely bigger than the workbees suspended from the ceiling, but it had seats for two. The starboard hatch opened and Gaudain disappeared inside.

"Apologies for that Captain, the transport was delayed. I had intended to be here yesterday morning." Markus replied as he followed in behind the CO. Knowing he was a pilot by service record, Markus assumed the OPS seat and started tapping the controls to start engine pre-startups.

"I'll be sure to review the reports, anything of note I should be aware of ahead of time?"

Gaudain chuckled. "I can't decide if I like that you just got in and started doing pre-flight checks without asking where we're going or not, lieutenant," he noted, closing the hatch. "A good security officer needs to know what the mission parameters are before it starts, but the blind obedience works for me right now," he said, not quite teasing. "I want to do a visual inspection of the hull."

Markus froze for a moment and stopped what he was doing; he could feel his cheeks getting flush. He had been working with his Security Chief on the Terra Nova as her right hand for many years now. They had developed a rapport and they could anticipate their next moves which has became second nature.

"You are just in your assessment, Captain. I have only just arrived and we only just met. I anticipated your orders before you gave them." he replied apologetically. Not quite the first impression he had in mind.

"I have a bit of penchant for anticipation in my line of work." he paused "Also perhaps some eagerness."

"Some eagerness," Gaudain repeated, with a laugh. "Relax, Lieutenant. Once we get to know each other better, I'm sure your sense of anticipation will come in handy," he added, in a softer tone, as he activated the flight controls. The captain didn't use the automated departure system, but instead deftly navigated their small pod out of its parking space and through the cargo hatch on the back of the Apollo, pulling it into a bit of a pieroette as it flew along sideways to come around to the end of one of the mothership's nacelles. "After serving on a ship like the Terra Nova, it must be a bit of a let-down to come aboard a little scout like the Apollo."

Markus smiled at the remark "She was a big ship, granted. But swishing around Federation space can become shall we say, routine." he explained

"Apollo offers the opportunity for adventures unlike the norm. We know only as much as Voyager's exploits through the Delta Quadrant. After all this time it's an exciting prospect to see what has changed."

Markus, as he was giving his answer, couldn't help but take in the view of his new ship. The ship he would be responsible for the safety of and everyone onboard.

“Sure enough. I just came from a tour on a Defiant-class ship, so this ship actually seems a little big,” Gaudain said, as he activated the thrusters and sent them along the nacelle housing. “When you go parachuting, you always want to pack your own chute. So, I want to see every inch of this ship before we put her through a war game tomorrow.”

Sheppard quietly tapped the controls for a moment as they pass up by the end of the nacelle. He was taking visual notes of the armaments mounted to the hull.

"Have we received our orders for tomorrow, Sir? I came to see you right away so I hadn't checked yet. Curious to see who we may be facing in the games." inquired to Chief, wanting to start drawing up strategies.

"Starfleet's keeping our opponent very much a secret, Sheppard, but we're playing picket to keep that beast safe," Gaudain replied, briefly spinning the pod around so they could see the Arcturus moored in the distance, the Odyssey-class flagship of their explorer group. "Better to learn unit cohesiveness here with training lasers than in the Delta Quadrant. Lieutenant Commander Tavin was kind enough to set up our wargame systems when he was posted here temporarily," he added.

Sheppard looked in wonder; he'd read the specs of the Odyssey-Class but to see one with his own eyes was something else.

"We have our work cutout for us then, Sir. I slept on the way here so I have the night to get caught up. I'll be sure to check in with Engineering to make sure tactical is ready."

"Nice initiative, but don't burn yourself out on your first day, Lieutenant," Gaudain said, as they returned to skimming along the surface of their own ship. He keyed up the material analysis sensors as they went, taking a look at the data regarding the ship's hull composition. "Apollo is about twelve years old, but she just went through her first major overhaul. My first assignment was aboard an Excelsior-class ship, too. On one of those big ships you can just sit tight and take threats as they come, but we're going to have to be a little more acrobatic. The phasers give us 360 degree coverage, but we've only got forward torpedos."

"The phrase, tough little ship, comes to mind when I think about it. She'll be more of a run and gun, staying mobile, kind of lady."

Markus made a visual note of the phaser arrays speckled across the hull. He picked up his PADD and made a few notes to reference later.

"Glad we're on the same page, lieutenant."

A Mission Post By

Captain Sean Gaudain
Commanding Officer
USS Apollo

Lieutenant JG Markus Sheppard
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Apollo


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