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Post 31 Commanders Two

Posted on Sun Feb 23rd, 2020 @ 11:41pm by Commander Roy Tanner & Commander Cælestis Everett
Edited on on Sun Feb 23rd, 2020 @ 11:54pm

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Deck 01 - XO's Office
Timeline: Day 03 - 1200

[USS Apollo - Deck 1 - XO's Office]
[Mission Day 03 - 1200]

Tanner found the Executive Officer's office right where it hoped it would be - on the starboard quarter of deck 1. So many things had inexplicably changed location during the refit compared to his memory of the layout of Rhode Island, it was really starting to infuriate him.

When he had gone for his medical earlier that morning, he'd spent fifteen irate minutes wandering around Deck 4 looking for Sickbay before a concerned-looking crewman told him that it was on Deck 2.

At least they hadn't moved the XO.

He touched the door chime and stepped through into the small compartment beyond when summoned. He'd read Everett's file on the trip to Starbase 38, so knew enough to keep his hands clasped firmly behind his back as he walked forwards in an attempt to prevent the XO feeling uncomfortable the first time they met.

"Commander Everett? Roy Tanner, the new engineer. How are ya?"

Everett glanced up from their screen, the frustrated grimace washing away as they looked up. They stood, more unfurling than straightening, and smiled welcomingly at Tanner. There was something honest in the lines of excitement in their dark face, especially as their black eyes flicked, relieved, to where Tanner had clasped his hands, out of sight.

"Ah, yes, Commander Tanner! I didn't expect you on so soon. I'm doing well, thank you. How are you finding the Apollo so far? I hope Lieutenant Niun left Engineering in good shape for you."

Tanner held up a friendly hand. "Please, call me Roy. I've never been one to stand on formality. And yeah, Niun left the the place in fine shape. I'm just making a few cosmetic changes downstairs... This is one beautiful girl you have here, Commander Everett. One beautiful girl." He gestured to one of the XO's visitor chairs. "You mind if I?..." he sat down without waiting for a response, assuming the positive.

"I just wanted to show my face and say 'hi'," he continued as he crossed his legs. "You see, my first ever Chief Engineer back when I was an apprentice aboard the Leeds about a million years ago was big old Bolian guy called Lieutenant Commander Trovost. He was never much of an engineer if you ask my opinion, but he was a great one for homespun wisdom. You know the kind that sticks with you for the rest of your days? Tanner - he said to me one day - you can be assigned to the finest ship in the fleet an' be commanded by the most courageous captain in the quadrant... but if you an' the XO aren't on the same page, you ain't gonna get far'." He grinned. "So here I am, Commander Everett. Just making sure I'm on the same page as the XO."

Cal graciously waved their hand and returned the smile. "Cal, please. Never one for formality myself, either. And I like his style. I don't see why we won't be on the same page, your service record is very admirable. I think we'll get along just fine--so long as you submit your departmental reports on time." As they continued, a distant grumble appeared in the warm tones of their voice. "You have no idea how many of those I'll have to sift through after every shift."

They leaned forward over their desk, hands clasped, irritation forgotten. "But I hope you don't mind me asking, I understand you and the Captain served together, once a blue moon ago. How do you feel about serving under his captaincy?"

"Don't worry Cal. I will make sure my departmental reports are brief. Very brief. And on time, obviously. Otherwise Lieutenant Jones will be in serious trouble." Tanner said with good humour. He leaned back in his seat, already warming to Commander Caelestis Everett. They seemed to have a relaxed honesty about them that he liked immediately.

"The Captain? Yeah, we served together aboard Hephaestion. I was the chief engineer, he was a single-pip conn officer. Arrogant, over-confident, seemed to go out of his way to find regulations nobody had heard of in order to break them. He reminded me a lot of me at that age. We got on well from the get-go. But he was also brave, loyal, respected and damn good at his job. He had a tough time aboard Hephaestion - from a personal perspective. Not sure if you know the details..." Tanner's voice drifted, his face becoming sad, the engineer momentarily lost in the reveries of another time, another place.

"Anyhow... when BuPers came calling, tellin' me that Admiral Knox wanted me back in an engine room I almost told him to go fuck himself - pardon my French, Cal - especially when I found out what the mission was. Then they told me that the captain was Sean Gaudain on his first outing in the big chair - and I said yes. And that's all she wrote." He grinned at Everett. "Bet that makes me sound pretty ridiculous huh?"

Cal's expression shifted alongside Tanner's emotions as he spoke and reminisced--the sadness, the nostalgia, the amusement all mirrored, experienced at the same time. It was a moment of sincere, empathetic connectedness. Their smile was understanding and warm.

"Not ridiculous, no. I think it makes you rather sensible. I've only just begun working with Sean, but I can...well, he has a certain magnetism. I'm sure he is just as thrilled to have you watching over the Apollo as you are to have him sit in the Captain's chair. I, for one, know we need at least one experienced department head, and especially one to help me counsel the Captain." A swift expression of amusement. "I imagine you know quite a few things about that that I would love to learn."

Tanner chuckled. "Magnetism is a good word. I think he'd enjoy that description. You know what Cal? I like you. I think we're gonna get on just fine together. And between us I reckon we'll be able to give Sean the counsel he needs - even if he doesn't know - or think - he needs it." He nodded at the PADDs scattered across the XO's desk. "You obviously have a lot on, so I'll get out of your hair. I have a team full of engineers downstairs who need yelling at anyway." He stood. "Hey - you have any dinner plans for tonight Cal?"

Cal smiled at the compliments and optimism. "I think the same, Roy. As for dinner, I don't have plans, but as you said--a fair bit on my plate. Would you be free around 1700? I should have some time around then, if you'd have your fill of whipping Engineering into shape by then."

"1700 is perfect," nodded Tanner. "My quarters? Two very important questions for ya - is there anything you don't eat and do you drink? And by 'drink'... I mean alcohol."

"I assumed," Cal replied dryly. "I'm fine with anything, but I don't eat anything I can't watch be replicated, prepared, or opened in front of me. My apologies if that's inconvenient. I, ah, take contamination more seriously than some of my previous counselors considered healthy."

"All good with me. I'll replicate the steaks but I'll cook them myself in front of ya. An' I brought a couple of cases of a very decent Terran rum aboard with me - I'm afraid the soda'll be replicated though." He moved towards the door. "Good to meet ya Cal. An' I'll see you at 1700."

"I appreciate it. I'll see you then." One last look saw Cal returning to their work, rubbing their temple in heavy circles.

A mission post by

Commander Roy Tanner
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Apollo

Commander Cal Everett
Executive Officer
USS Apollo


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