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Post 29 - Just A Drink?

Posted on Tue Feb 18th, 2020 @ 7:07pm by Lieutenant Charlotte Caspian & Ensign Mathias Darnell

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Deck 2 - Observation Lounge B
Timeline: Day 02 - 2400
Tags: Darnell, Caspian, flirtation

[USS Apollo - Deck 02 - Observation Lounge B]
[Mission Day 02 - 2400 Hours]

It was late, close to 24:00 when Mathias left his room. He was off duty and out of uniform, dressed in a pair of black chinos and a grey Mandarin collar shirt. His internal clock was still a little off and to him, it was around 2000. He wasn't tired. He'd checked himself in the mirror before he left. There was a little stubble on his cheeks, but he'd finger-combed his hair and it didn't look mussed.

The lounge was sparsely crowded when he walked in, but that was, in his opinion because the ship still didn't have a full compliment.

He ordered an Andorian ale, he liked the taste and the blue color and once he'd received it, he took it to an empty table in the corner with a viewport with stars flashing by.

"Hey," said Caspian from her seat at the next table. The large chilled glass of Chablis in front of her (her first of the night) was half-empty. Following the warp engine test, she'd spent the next several hours reviewing the personnel dockets of Apollo's security team. Normally that would have been fine other than the fact that her boss the Chief Tactical & Security Officer had been reassigned to other duties that very morning and then LTJG Roush, the ACTSO had been called to the Starbase to support an ongoing investigation. That left her as the ranking Tactical & Security officer on the ship - and meant that every small detail which needed attention temporarily fell at her feet. Her working day had begun at 0700 that morning with her less than successful introductory meeting with (the oh-so-incredibly-hot) Captain Gaudain where she had singularly failed to cover herself in anything resembling any form of glory...and had ended at 2340 when she'd completed her first one-to-one meeting with Senior Chief Flynt, the Capellan security senior NCO and then finally handed over responsibility for the entire department to Ensign Keval as she came on duty for the gamma shift. She really really needed this wine.

"How was your day?" she asked the newcomer when he looked over. He was pretty cute, with his dark hair, dark eyes, and stubble. She figured he was a few years younger than her.

He sat his glass down and turned her direction. The corners of his lips turned up into a smile and he held her gaze for a second or two before replying. "Okay, thanks for asking. What about you, long day?"

"Ha. Yeah, long first day. Only came aboard this morning. Haven't even unpacked yet. How about you? Been aboard long?" She gestured to one of the empty seats at her table. "You can buy me another glass of Chablis if you like?" she suggested cheekily.

His smile back to her, but it wasn't cheeky like hers. He picked up his drink and moved towards her taking the offered chair. He signalled for the bartender to bring her a second drink.

When it had arrived he said, "I've been here a couple of days, it's a nice ship, "so what's your posit... what do?"

"Master-at-Arms," she said. "I'm Charlie by the way. Charlotte Caspian, junior lieutenant..." She rolled her eyes as she realised that she was still wearing her uniform. " you can obviously tell from the rank insignia I'm wearing. Sorry." She ran a fingertip around the rim of her new glass. "Thanks for the drink by the way. And you? I'm guessing you're an... engineer?"

"Social maybe, not the kind you'd want near a warp coil. "I believe my official title is Cultural Affairs. I'm an Ensign." Then it was his turn for a coy smile, "So, I guess technically I'd have to serve under you."

"Mmm? Maybe we'll have to try that out sometime..." She took a sip of wine. "I was playing the numbers guessing at engineer by the way - my logic being it's the biggest department on the ship. So 'cultural affairs'?... That means you're a diplomat?"

"It's a logical deduction. Essentially, yes, I am a diplomat, but I took some counseling courses as well. As to future possibilities, who knows. So, why security, more specifically, why Master of arms?"

Caspian laughed. "Not by choice, strangely enough. I was pulled from my last ship and assigned as MA here aboard Apollo without any rhyme or reason. I was a bit pissed off at first but I've started to get my head round it." She sipped again and sat back in her seat, considering the ensign closely. "You're being honest about being a diplomat? Because I have a good reason to think you might actually be an intelligence officer..."

The coy smile turned into a bemused one. "Intelligence? Why would you think that?"

"Because I've almost finished my second drink and you haven't even told me your name," Caspian replied with a deadpan expression.

Now the Ensign laughed. "Sorry," he said, not Intelligence and I guess not even intelligent. I'm Mathias Darnell. Glad to meet you." He took the last swallow of his drink. "Are you going to want a third?"

"Normally yes," she admitted. "But not tonight. Like I said, it's been a bitch of a day and I'm back on duty again at 0700. But it's been nice. We could do this again? Make a night of it next time?"

"Sounds like you need your rest. I'm going to go spend some time in the holodeck. But I look forward to meeting you again. and who knows how much time we might make it."

Caspian grinned. "And maybe we might decide to find out how much you enjoy serving under me...? Mathias - what do your friends call you? Matt? Matty?"

"Mari aren't much into nicknames. Most of the time they just call me Mathias. But, it's a new ship, well it's my first. So if you want to invent one I'm okay with that. But, please not Matty. It's so, Terran. Teenage Terran"

"And we'll see about the whole serving thing. I will point out that I've been told I'm an accomplished orator."

Caspian raised her eyebrows at that last comment. "I think I'll be the judge of that... Matty." She swallowed the last of her drink and stood up. "Well, I'd better get some sleep. No doubt tomorrow will be pretty similar to today. Nice to meet you, Mathias. And thanks for the drink - and the heads-up about your oration skills." She smiled coyly.

He returned the smile in the same manner. Truth was, he was good at flirting and could back up his boast (at least in his own mind), but he rarely went further than harmless flirtation. Still, the woman did intrigue, him, so he wasn't sure what might happen.

"Good night," he said taking a sip of his drink and licking his lips, "until next time."

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Lieutenant JG Charlie Caspian
USS Apollo


Ensign Mathias Darnell
Cultural Specialist
USS Apollo


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