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Post 30 Broken Bow

Posted on Sun Feb 23rd, 2020 @ 1:25am by Ensign Mathias Darnell & Ensign Theo McDonnell RN

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Deck 02 Sick Bay
Timeline: Mission Day 03 0630

[USS Apollo Deck 02 Sick Bay]
[Mission Day 03 0630]

Mathias could hear the footsteps of his pursuers as he pivoted onto a side trail and started running up a long, steep hill. He thought his sudden change, of course, would throw them off. But he was wrong. If anything they had gained some ground. The trail he'd chosen was an unfamiliar one, he just hoped it was as unfamiliar to his shadows. It was narrow and twisting, then as he passed the sapling of an evergreen tree, it suddenly angled upwards almost at a .45 degree angle.

Three phaser blasts cut through the air narrowly missing him, making the intentions, as if he needed it, clear. They were hostile. He pushed himself to run faster, he had no weapons. Quickly his breathing and heartbeat started to escalate and sweat beaded on his forehead and gathered on his chest and under his arms. He pushed himself still harder.

He caught sight in is peripheral vision, an even narrower side trail, heavily overgrown, just before he passed it. He swiveled yet again and would have made it without being spotted, but failed to notice some loose gravel. He pitched forward, putting his arm out to break his fall. He landed awkwardly on his right wrist and heard a loud snap. A nanosecond later he felt a jolt of pain shoot up his arm.

He let out a one word curse in his native language, the almost immediately snapped, "Computer freeze program and the narrow forest trail dissolved. replaced by the orange grid of the holodeck.

Keeping his hand pressed against his abdomen he made his way to the ship's sickbay and entered it, looking around for someone to help him.

Sat in the miniscule office, Theo was catching up on writing up his notes, when he saw the man limping into sickbay and immediately his concern piqued, made more interesting by the fact that he couldn't feel any emotion from the man in front of him. Rushing over, he helped him onto the nearest biobed and said, "Hi, I'm Theo, Can you tell me what happened?"

Mathias gave the young officer a grim smile. "I had the safety protocols at 70%. I was trying to make things realistic. I guess that worked. Sort of."

"I think I may have broken a wrist and my ribs and ankle don't feel that great either."

Passing the tricorder slowly over him and setting up monitoring for Mathias' vitals he saw that he had a number of injuries, and was surprised that he could remain so calm. Smiling, and doing his best to reassure him, he said "You have a hairline fracture to your wrist, bruising to your abdominal wall and a sprained ankle. What were you doing on the holodeck that would cause this level of injuries?"

"Reliving a bad experience which probably was a poor choice anyway," Mathias said, "It was an experiment of sorts."

Setting up the Osteogenic Stimulator to heal the bone, Theo stared at Mathias, desperately trying to get some kind of read on him, but getting nothing. Sitting on the small stool next to the bed, he cracked a small smile. "Do you want to tell me about it?"

He wasn't sure how much he wanted to divulge to a complete stranger, but the man standing over him had a nice smile, and nice features, so he just had to tell him something.

"I'm Mari," he said, "don't know much about my homeworld, but they have outlawed all violent thought and like pretty much anything that is banned, it only creates a black market, especially if you're not in the Federation utopia."

"My twin and I were accused of trading in this black market. It was more guilt by association. To make a long story short, they wanted to reprogram us. I'm not too fond of someone screwing with my mind especially when the side effects could have torn me into something with the intelligence of a tribble. So, we ran away."

Theo was taking everything in, and despite Mathias not given anything away empathically, Theo was sure he could feel pain just from his eyes. "So, you were reliving your escape from your homeworld?"

"My second escape when I went back for my brother. "You're an empath aren't you?"

Switching off the Osteogenic stimulator and picking up the Dermal Regenerator focusing it on Mathias' ankle, Theo said "Yeah, my dad was a Betazoid, so I have empathic abilities which in this job, can come in useful. Can I ask what happened, on this second escape?"

"He, my brother that is, didn't make it. He made me go on without him. I've always regretted it."

Frowning, wanting to help Mathias, Theo said, "if you don't mind me asking, why would you relive that and put yourself through that again?"

"Trying to figure out if there was anything I could have done differently. No, I'm not trying to punish myself, exactly, though it is somewhat cathartic. If they haven't turned him into a replicator by now, I want to the third escape to be successful for both of us."

A sudden, dawning realisation crossed Theo's face. "I get that, although, a word of advice?" Theo paused for a second before continuing "just be careful, I've seen how easy it is for a crutch to become an obsession, and for an obsession to become an addiction" With that he shut off the Dermal regenerator and began his final scans.

"Are you speaking from experience?" the Ensign asked gently.

Theo smiled. Normally he would deflect but given the honesty, Mathias had shown, to a perfect stranger, he felt emboldened. "Something like that, not first-hand experience but definitely direct observation."

"Anything you want to talk about?"

Smiling his most disarming smile, Theo said "Which one of us is supposed to be the patient here?" before chuckling slightly. "but maybe we can grab a drink off duty sometime?". Theo then picked up his tricorder to begin his final checks.

"A drink sometime works. We can keep it informal. Friendly. But, while it may not look like it after what I did, I did study counseling. But I'll try not to wear that hat."

"I'm feeling better Theo. Thanks a lot."

"Good to hear it," Theo said, "Word of advice, strictly professionally but stay off the holodeck and no intense exercise for a couple of days, give yourself time to heal."

Mathias nodded his head as he flexed his wrist. He winced slightly, "Yeah, there's still a little twinge there. I'll try to be careful."

He stood to his feet and had taken three steps towards the door before stopping and turning back around. "Sorry, I should have asked if you were done with me. And when did you want to get together for that drink?"

"Yeah, we're done here, and what about tomorrow, 1900 hours?"

"That works for me. I know there's a ship's lounge do you want to go there?

Theo shrugged slightly, "Sure, and if that's too busy, we can always try the holodeck"

"How about the holodeck then, "Mathias suggested, "we can set a bar wherever we want, or do something else entirely different. Any ideas?"

Theo smiled. "One or two."

"Such as?"

"Well at the Academy, I used to go to this Irish bar called Finnegan's? You'll love it, trust me" Theo said now packing everything away.

A joint post by

Ensign Theo McDonnell
USS Apollo


Ensign Mathia Darnell
Cultural Specialist
USS Apollo


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