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Post 40 - Engineering Tour

Posted on Wed Mar 4th, 2020 @ 12:27am by Commander Roy Tanner & Lieutenant Grayson Jones
Edited on on Wed Mar 4th, 2020 @ 12:36am

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Deck 05 - Portside Aft Observation Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 03 - 2130 Hours

[USS Apollo - Deck 5 - Portside Aft Observation Lounge]
[Mission Day 3 - 2130 Hours]

For almost two hours following the dinner and briefing on Arcturus, Tanner and Jones had toured the ship, Grayson leading the way and sharing his experience and knowledge so far of Apollo, Tanner remained uncharacteristically quiet whilst the younger man spoke, reaching out periodically to run his fingers over an EPS conduit or workstation as if he was surprised to find himself aboard a starship again after all this time.

The tour concluded with visits to the deuterium tanking facility, shield generators and the shuttle maintenance bay before Grayson led the way into the portside observation lounge.

"Ah," Tanner noted with satisfaction as he moved directly to the replicator.

"Coffee, Jamaica Blue Mountain, hot." He turned to Jones. "What can I get ya?"

"Just a water for me please, Sir," Grayson began, trying to collect his thoughts. "I am sorry it was a shorter tour. I have only just arrived onboard myself over the past few days. Most of what I know is from experience and memory of the ship's schematics. As for long term working knowledge, I am afraid it is of limited use right now," he gave a weak smile, feeling very inadequate at that moment.

"Water," Tanner ordered. A glass of iced water materialised in the replicator and he handed it to Jones whilst collecting his coffee. He nodded to an empty low table surrounded by comfortable looking couches. "Let's take a seat"

He settled himself down, sipping his coffee and taking in the view from the wide windows which overlooked Apollo's stern. He smiled with appreciation and took another mouthful of coffee. There was no point pretending otherwise anymore - he was glad to be back on a starship. Why the hell had he spent the last ten years riding a horse and herding cattle for Christs sake?

"So," he addressed Jones. "In terms of long-term working knowledge, I wouldn't expect you to have that yet. I guess that's why Admiral Knox drafted me back in. I spent a few years working on the original USS Rhode Island, starting back when she was still a Nova-class boat, before we turned her into a class of her own." Another sip of coffee. "And as for your knowledge bein' of 'limited use' - don't sell ya self short. We're about to head off into the wild black yonder into the waiting arms of Kazon, Vidians, Hirogen and fuck knows who else." He fixed the younger man with what he hoped was his 'frank but supportive' expression. "An' you're here on this ship - on this mission - in this job - because you obviously know what you're doing around a warp core. I've read ya file, I've seen the amount of advanced outside electives you took at the academy and I've seen your scores. I also know that your cadet cruise was aboard a Nova. Don't forget that no matter how much 'updating' and 'enhancement' and general fucking around we did to create the Rhode Island class, at the end of the day - underneath that fancy-dan class-9 warp engine and those flashy phaser arrays an' bells an' whistles - at a pure engineering level, Apollo's still got a hell of a lot of Nova left inside her. And that's exactly what you trained on three years ago. I need you to be just two things on this mission - an engineer and a leader. But I need you to be as good at both of 'em as you possibly can be. For everything else you've got me... God help ya."

Tanner drained his coffee cup and headed back to the replicator to give his words time to sink in. He returned with a refilled coffee cup and settled himself down again opposite Jones, stretching both arms out along the back of the couch.

"So tell me what you're thinkin' Jonesy," he said with a grin.

"I guess that's right, Sir," Grayson said with a half-smile. It was rare for him to feel that someone had confidence in him so early on. "I think I am just coming from it, from the perspective that each ship has her own quirks. The Apollo and I haven't spent enough time together yet for her to show me hers." He took a sip of his water, it would be the first thing to pass his lips so far that day he had been that busy.

"My first ship, as you expertly recall, had a bit of a rumble when passing Warp 6.5. We could never figure it out and everyone just seemed to become accustomed to it. It was interesting to hear the Chief Engineer call out to everyone to grab a bulkhead for that split second rumble. She also didn't like when we had visitors onboard for some reason. Although how a ship could tell that I don't know. The number of calls I had to fix the replicators in guest quarters was approaching the ridiculous."

"Oh this girl'll have her own quirks alright, have no fear about that. She may be all beautiful an' sexy on the outside and smell of fresh paint and new carpets inside - but when we're least expecting it she'll toss us a curve ball as if to say 'hey boys - don't you be getting complacent now. I'm still here and I need your attention. Prove to me I'm still your best gal'." Tanner took another mouthful of coffee and looked up at Jones with a contemplative expression. "You know what? For a replicated blend, this coffee ain't half bad. Where was I? Oh yeah... and when she does toss us that curve ball, most likely we'll be in the back of beyond, surrounded by hostile aliens with our phasers off-line and in the middle of a warp core breach. But we'll fix it. We're Starfleet engineers - we're Apollo's engineers - and together we'll get her and her crew through whatever shit we find ourselves in."

He swallowed the last mouthful of coffee. "Alright - now I need to give you a list of shit that needs sorting. That ok? Number one - those geniuses at the ASDB decided in their infinite wisdom not to fit Apollo with an auxiliary bridge - so if we lose Deck 1, we're fucked. I need you to get a team together and put a Master Systems Display table in the middle of main engineering. That way if something takes out the bridge, at least whoever's still alive'll have somewhere to fly what's left o' the ship from. Replicate the parts you need then replenish what you use before we leave the starbase." Tanner looked wistfully at the empty coffee cup, considered getting a third and decided against it.

"Secondly - those same ASDB superstars decided we didn't need an office for the Chief Engineer. They were wrong. I want the VIP quarters on Deck 6 stripped. Convert the bedroom to my office, kit the main living area out as an engineering duty office and leave the head as it is. If we should happen to stumble across any Delta Quadrant diplomats or ambassadors who need somewhere to sleep, they can have my bunk an' I'll bed down aboard the Waverider."

"And thirdly - and this is the most important one Jonesy, so listen close. My predecessor made the unusual decision to furnish the Chief Engineer's quarters like the inside of a Japanese pagoda... And I will not sleep on a mat on the floor - not one night. So please, please turn it back into quarters suitable for a sixty-four year old man who enjoys his creature comforts."

Tanner grinned. "Meanwhile I will be getting ready for the war games tomorrow and then figuring out whether the Long-term Engineering Hologram I read about in the specs was actually installed... And then if I have any energy left, I might even start to unpack." He raised an eyebrow. "Questions? I'm bored o' hearing the sound of my own voice so I'm sure you must be."

Jones shook his head. "No sir. Just eager to get on."

"Then have at it, Lieutenant Jones!" Tanner declared theatrically. "Dismissed."

A Mission Post by

Commander Roy Tanner
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Apollo


Lieutenant JG Grayson Jones
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Apollo


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