Star Trek: Apollo


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Post 23 - Long Distance Life

Posted on Sun Jan 26th, 2020 @ 2:29pm by Lieutenant T'Pom
Edited on on Sun Jan 26th, 2020 @ 2:30pm

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: StarBase 38
Timeline: Mission Day 03 - 0900 Hours

T’Pom’s life had been event after event and she’d often not know what was happening next so this temporary state of stability she was in currently was a welcomed one. She had been out of the academy a few years now and Star Fleet knew of her background and to be fair to them they had been lenient with her postings. Most of which has been small bases close to home, close enough for them to keep an eye on her activities and make sure medically she was looked after.

During her time in the academy and the years after, Star Fleet Medical had her report in for check ups more regularly than most crew members would have. She saw them as routine and didn’t really take much notice of them.

She was stable and as good as it was going to get for now and who knew what the future holds for her. No one was certain a posting on a star ship was going to be the greatest idea but they had to let her go at some point. They no longer had any medical reasoning to keep her behind and as far as the prodding and poking revealed there was no longer anything wrong with her.

Her family, although Vulcan, displayed great concern when they learned of her new posting. So much so that they put a halt on the proceedings for a short while and delayed her transit. T’Pom’s life was always being monitored by her family and that was only because they wanted the best for their daughter and didn’t much trust Star Fleet to give that to her.

She had been on Star Base 38 for a few weeks now with no role to play and endless time spent with her thoughts and attempting to create some form of a social life so that she didn’t once again become a recluse.

Secretly she enjoyed the solidarity and taking the time to prepare the mind for the journey ahead, after all this was going to be the furthest from home she had ever been but she was a strong stoic woman and she had great faith that she would continue to be so.

Her personality had moulded over the years back to how a Vulcan should be. Stoic and stubborn and not afraid to share her thoughts with others especially when it came to authoritative people in the work place. Her mouth moved faster than her Vulcan brain could sometimes keep up with.

She was sitting in her temporary quarters on the Star Base awaiting the all clear from headquarters and awaiting her mission.


Your assignment has been confirmed and all relevant details have been passed on to your commanding officer Captain Sean Gaudain. Your travel restriction has been lifted allowing you authorised transit. More information can be found in your personal file.


The transmission which had been routed to her accommodation displayed on the small view screen that was a top her desk. She acknowledged the message with a touch of a purple LCARS button on the terminal which faded the screen to black. She took a sip from the teacup she had in her left hand and leant toward the chair in front of her placing the cup back down as she moved.

On the chair was a freshly replicated uniform, crisp to the touch and ready to wear.

T’Pom took a silent breath in for a moment and turned to look at her quarters. A spacious environment with the standard décor of the Star Base, none of which belonged to T’Pom. She had kept her belongings in storage and only had with her the essential items she would need for her stay at the base. It was a minimalistic approach that she had become accustomed to.

Her fingers caressed the small panel of keys that were just beneath the base of the computer screen on the desk she had recently been looking at and accessed and string of commands. One of which sent her boarding authority to the Star Base operations section which would release and transfer her belongings from storage over to her new posting. The second batch of commands entered sent prewritten communications to her family.

It was a standard Vulcan letter home, emotionless and only pertaining certain facts about her day to day life. She tagged the ending of the letter with ‘See You Soon.’ Those three words held emotion for T’Pom, the three words she sent to her daughter at the end of every transmission and even in the real world she would always sign off with it.

The room was quiet, and she took another breath in to compose herself. Not knowing when she would return to this quadrant and see her daughter and family again. That was the sacrifice that every fleet officer had to make. Although with a trip to the delta quadrant on the cards it seemed more powerful this time round.

After a few moments she was dressed in her uniform and checked herself out briefly in the mirror to ensure she was looking up to specification. She ran her fingers through her long hair which had been fashioned into a bun at the back of her neck. Unusual for a Vulcan to be seen this way but it was something that made her feel comfortable. Her pointed ears poked out from where she had moved the hair behind them.

“Computer transfer authority of this residence back to Star Base 38 operations and transport my remaining belongings in this room to the USS Apollo.” She announced as the computer gave a deep beep in response.

In a shimmer of light and a mash of noise her belongings had left the room she was in. It signalled a turn in her life. Her first official posting on a star ship and as emotionless beings go, she was looking forward to the adventure.

On the counter was her comm badge shined to perfection which she picked up and attached to the breast of her uniform. Alone and ready to depart she walked out of the room through the hiss of the door which closed and locked behind her. The door panel turned red.

Another deep breath in came as she stood for a minute outside the room she had called home for a couple of weeks and then made her way down the grey pattered carpet of the corridor towards the USS Apollo.


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