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Post 24 - Old Friends, Old Comrades

Posted on Sun Feb 2nd, 2020 @ 10:47pm by Commander Roy Tanner & Captain Sean Gaudain

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Deck 01 - Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 03 - 0900 Hours

[USS Apollo - NCC-82789]
[Deck 01 - Captain's Ready Room]
[Mission Day 03 - 0900 Hours]

Commander Roy Moses Tanner, late of Starfleet Reserve, his commission recently involuntarily reactivated, walked confidently around the portside companionway of Deck One towards the Captain’s Ready Room. He pushed two fingers into the space between his neck and the collar of his uniform in an attempt to pull the fabric away from his skin - he wasn’t used to the feeling of constriction. He also wasn’t a big fan of the latest iteration of Starfleet uniform - and he had been even less pleased to discover that his waistline had expanded two inches since he had last worn one.

He passed a young command branch lieutenant coming the other way. The lieutenant glanced at him with curious interest.

“Hello sir,” the man said quietly as he passed.

“Hey,” replied Tanner with a nod. “How are ya?”

He reached his destination and pressed the door chime. A familiar voice from within gave the instruction to enter and he stepped into the commanding officer’s room.

“May The Lord have mercy!” Tanner exclaimed in mock surprise. “If it isn’t young Sean Gaudain! Sean you’d better get your ass out from behind that desk before the captain comes back and catches you going through his files!”

Before Gaudain could respond, Tanner snapped to attention.

“Commander Roy Tanner reporting for duty, Captain.”

Gaudain was dumbfounded; twelve years ago they served together aboard the USS Hephaestion together when Gaudain was fresh out of the Academy but they hadn't seen each other in the time since then.

"Jesus, Tanner. I had no idea you were even still alive, let alone in Starfleet," Gaudain replied, filter completely gone. The younger man stood up and walked around the desk to offer a handshake. "Good to see you, but what are you doing on my ship?"

Grinning broadly, Tanner grasped the younger man's hand and shook it warmly. Then his smile dropped.

"Still alive? Why you cheeky son of a... And did you just call me 'Tanner'? Jesus, last time we saw each other I was four grades higher than you and you called me 'Sir' - or if I was in a good mood, you could get away with calling me 'Roy'". He sighed. "God damn, you grew up good," he said, surveying the captain up and down appreciatively. "Yes sir, you grew up good." Gesturing at one of the visitor seats facing Gaudain's desk. "You mind if I sit?"

He lowered himself into the nearest chair without waiting for a response.

"As to your question about what I'm doing on your ship - it isn't by choice, I hasten to point out. In short Sir, I have been drafted. When I retired, I stupidly told them I'd be a reserve. Ten years passed peacefully, then two days ago I received notification from Captain Knox - excuse me, Admiral Knox - that he was personally reactivating my commission. All I know is that you're taking this beautiful girl"; he gestured expansively around them at the Ready Room and Apollo as a whole; "into the Delta Quadrant and he wanted somebody to go with you who knew their way around a Rhode Island-class boat."

He paused, leaning back in his seat as the wide grin appeared on his face once more.

"Captain Gaudain, I am your new Chief Engineer. Now how'dya like them apples?"

"Of course the admiral is responsible," Gaudain noted, sitting back down in his chair. "He must be on a nostalgia kick. I saw that he'd pulled the Hephaestion out of mothballs to serve as his flagship. Guess the same goes for you. Not that I'll mind having an experienced set of hands in the engine room," he added, with a grin.

The captain paused and leaned back a little.

"I'm sure that if you'd really wanted to say no, though, he would have accepted it. Does that mean you're actually excited to go back out into space?" he asked.

Tanner tilted his head to one side as he considered his response.

"No. Yes. A little, yeah. Actually, yeah a lot now that I think about it." He narrowed his eyes at Gaudain. "And I have never been stored in mothballs."

Gaudain shrugged. "If you say so," he said. "You just missed a warp systems test, yesterday. Lieutenant Commander Niun left everything ship-shape for you--at least I hope he did. The starbase was nice enough to lend him to us before our permanent engineer was assigned. The old man has had a pretty firm hand in selecting officers for this mission," he added, toying with a PADD on his desk for a moment. "It'll be good to have a familiar face aboard."

Looking up at the captain, Tanner's face softened. "Yeah. It'll be good working for you." He raised an eyebrow. "Obviously I'm making the assumption you're a good captain?..."

"I'm fucking amazing," Gaudain said, without missing a beat. He pulled up his holographic display and flicked a file towards the bulkhead, causing it to hover in mid-air next to them. "I've already given these specs to the tactical officer, but Knox wants us to run through a battle drill with the Arcturus when she gets here. We need to reconfigure the phasers for training blasts and the torpedo launchers for photon bursts. I also want to make sure our impulse engines are taking all of the power we won't be needing for our weapons."

Tanner reached forwards and pulled the holographic image closer towards him before fishing a pair of half-moon reading spectacles from the depths of his tunic.

"Old age," he explained apologetically. He spent several seconds reviewing the data before sending the file back over towards the captain with a flick. "I've got an algorithm somewhere that will sort the phasers and the photorps. And I'll monitor the power distribution to the impulse deck myself."

Removing the spectacles, he carefully folded them and returned them to his tunic.
"And has anyone else - apart from you - actually said that you're 'fucking amazing'?"

"No comment," the captain replied, standing up. "Let's get to work, commander. Oh, and watch out for Senior Chief Joss. He's just as stubborn and argumentative as you are."

Tanner laughed as he stood. "Self-diagnosed superior ability from Mr Gaudain. No change there then... And I'll watch out for Joss." He pulled his too-tight collar away from his throat once more with his index finger.

"Two things before I let you get back to polishing your rank pips though - we both know I'll have a long list of things I want to change as soon as I get down there... You want me to come through you or the XO for sign off? And lastly who's my Number Two and are they capable of doing what they're told?"

"I trust you to do what you need to in the engine room. Lieutenant Jones is young, but he's got a good record. I don't see him going rogue on you--not that you'd let that happen, anyway."

"Aye Captain, I certainly would not," Tanner agreed with a broad grin. Well, I'd better get to work. You'll have an update from me by the end of the day sir." He moved towards the door which opened at his approach. He paused, turning his head to look back towards the desk.

"It's good to see you again Sean. Real good."

"Good to see you, too, Tanner. Dismissed," Gaudain replied, with a smile.

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Captain Sean Gaudain
Commanding Officer
USS Apollo

Commander Roy Tanner
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Apollo


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