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Post 22 - First Impressions

Posted on Sat Jan 18th, 2020 @ 12:51am by Lieutenant Charlotte Caspian & Captain Sean Gaudain & Chief Jean Rembrandt
Edited on on Tue Feb 18th, 2020 @ 6:59pm

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Deck 01 - Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 02 - 0700 Hours

[USS Apollo - Deck 01 - Ready Room]
[Mission Day 02 - 0700 Hours]

The turbolift carried Lieutenant JG Charlotte Caspian smoothly upwards through the ship towards the command deck, her head still spinning from the orders she had received from Starfleet BuPers just the night before when Vanguard had put in to Starbase 38.

Master-at-Arms for Christ's sake! A bloody rating position on every other damned ship in the fleet - not a commissioned officer billet! She had racked her brain trying to figure out who she might have pissed off enough to get transferred into a slot normally reserved for an NCO.

Eventually, she had given up, realizing there were any number of people, incidents and reasons in her past which might explain her current situation...

She had beamed over from the Starbase as ordered; her personal effects being transported directly to her (bloody shared!) quarters on Deck 4, her weapons, equipment, and armor sent directly in biometrically sealed storage crates to the Armoury where they would be logged and securely stored later under her direct supervision. The Chief Petty Officer who had greeted her as she had materialized in Apollo's Transporter Room 1 had been pleasant enough - a Human woman with long brunette hair pulled back in a ponytail. She wore a warm smile on her face.

"Good morning Lieutenant," she said taking a step towards the transporter platform, an oversized yeoman's PADD clasped to her chest. "And welcome aboard. Captain Gaudain's compliments ma'am - and he requests that you join him in his ready room at your earliest convenience".

"Uh, good morning," Caspian mumbled, stepping down from the transporter pad. "The Captain wants to see me? Not uh," she struggled to recall the name of the Chief Tactical Officer from the personnel files she had skim-read the previous night. "Uh, not Commander Th'v... Th'val..."

"Commander Th'vhilallal," the yeoman supplied helpfully. "No, ma'am. Captain Gaudain. At your earliest convenience." She smiled once more.

"Yeah, you mentioned that." Caspian ran a hand through her hair, looking around her. "Uh, turbolift?"

"That way ma'am. Turbolift is on your right. Up one deck, take a left, then a right and the CO's ready room is port-side, forward."

"Thank you." Caspian cleared her throat, took a deep breath and headed off, following the yeoman's directions. One brief turbolift trip later and she was outside the Captain's ready room. A tug at the hem of her uniform tunic to straighten it, a final deep breath, then touched an index finger to the door chime.

Maybe he wasn't there. Maybe he was busy on the bridge or something. Or in Engineering. Yeah, that would be it - no doubt he would be off doing something commanding... the yeoman must have got it wrong.

"Come!" came the response almost immediately when Caspian pressed the chime.

Gaudain was sitting behind his desk, off to the left side of the door. Rather than a standard uniform, he was wearing a bomber jacket over the red command shirt of the previous uniform, with four pips on the collar. He glancing between a PADD in his hand and the computer display, before pausing to look at her expectantly.

Stepping into the room, Caspian stood attention to in front of the desk and the man seated behind it.

"Lieutenant Junior Grade Charlotte Caspian reporting for duty, sir," And oh my lord, his file picture did him no justice at all. He was drop-dead gorgeous. Caspian tried not to stare, then realized she was staring.

"At ease, lieutenant," Gaudain replied, gesturing to the chairs in front of the desk. "Welcome aboard the Apollo. Looks like you got stuck with the early transporter window," he noted, studying her for a moment.

"Thank you sir." She took one of the chairs opposite. "And I'm fine with the early transport window. I like to get an early start." She paused. "Uh, the transporter chief said you wanted to see me sir?"

"It's a small ship, so I'm making it a point to meet everyone on the crew, lieutenant. It's going to be the ninety of us against the Delta Quadrant in just a few days," Gaudain replied. "Our priorities are going to be mainly scouting, but the security department on this ship is still a little smaller than is ideal for where we're headed. How do you feel about that?"

Ninety of us against the Delta Quadrant.

She liked the sound of that - which surprised her. Especially the 'us' part. She grinned in response.

"I think I read most of Captain Janeway's logs while I was at the Academy sir. For us to have an ideal sized security department for the Delta Quadrant, we'd probably need a Sovereign... Or two. But I give you my word we'll do our very best with what we have sir." Before the Captain could reply, Caspian's mouth twisted as she selected the right words for her next statement.

"And on that subject sir, Master-at-Arms... I was assistant department head on my last ship... and Master-at-Arms is traditionally an enlisted billet... Have I done something to disappoint sir? I was hoping for department head for my next posting. Captain Laetres never raised any concerns over my performance... In fact, quite the opposite."

"There are no small parts, lieutenant. I'd expect someone with your experience to keep that in mind," Gaudain said, with a slight edge on his tone. "We're participating in a war game tomorrow and we're leaving Federation space two days after. Our original Master-at-Arms became unavailable, so Starfleet sent me you. I bet you'd agree that I can't just put any green Ensign in that slot, right?"

Dammit. On the ship for five minutes and she'd managed to piss him off already. He looked even more sexy when he was annoyed though.

"No sir. And forgive me if I over-stepped. I was just commenting that..." Caspian tailed off, realising that she would end up tying herself in knots.

Dammit to hell. The only chance to make a positive first impression and now her new commanding officer - her new, incredibly hot commanding officer probably thought she was a whining little girl. Bollocks.

Caspian sat up straighter in her seat. "Captain, I apologise. I look forward to serving under you," if only... "and to say that I am excited about our mission to the Delta Quadrant would be an understatement. Is there anything specifically I need to know or you need from me in the short term, sir?"

"I don't need you to whine or to kiss ass, lieutenant," Gaudain replied, though he seemed mildly amused by her outburst. "Since we don't have a brig officer or a security investigator aboard, those tasks are likely going to fall to you as well. I trust that won't be a problem?"

Bollocks! He did think she was a whining little girl.

"No Captain. No problem at all."

"Good. Dismissed," Gaudain said.

A mission post by

Lieutenant J.G. Charlotte Caspian
USS Apollo

Chief Petty Officer Jean Rembrandt
Transporter Chief
USS Apollo
NPC - David

Captain Sean Gaudain
Commanding Officer
USS Apollo


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