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Post 32 - Joyride

Posted on Wed Feb 26th, 2020 @ 9:06pm by Captain Sean Gaudain & Senior Chief Berash Joss & Captain Elizabeth Hayden & Commander Cælestis Everett & Lieutenant Kaden Thiesman & Lieutenant Kimberly Wilson & Lieutenant Grayson Jones & Lieutenant Charlotte Caspian

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: USS Apollo
Timeline: Mission Day 02 - 1400 Hours

[USS Apollo - NCC-82789]
[Deck 01 - Main Bridge]
[Mission Day 02 - 1400 Hours]

Captain Gaudain walked onto the bridge, eager to get the ship out into space. He took his seat, pausing for a moment to appreciate how nice it felt to finally have a ship of his own. The command console flipped open between his chair and the first officer's, and he tapped the all-call button.

"This is the captain speaking: Blue alert, all hands to departure stations. We're going to be conducting a short warp engine test," he said, before sitting back to see how quickly everyone would take their stations. The lighting shifted from white to blue and a low alert tone sounded.

After a handful of moments, Cal appeared on the threshold of the bridge. With a tilt of their head, they smiled as they came abroad and made their way to their chair.

"Ready to get started?" they asked, warm and heady excitement evident in their voice. After they settled in they began to monitor the status of all stations and monitored their readiness for departure.

Kaden hurried onto the bridge and headed to his station. “Lieutenant Thiesman reporting and at my station, Sir.” He spoke as he settled in.

Kimberly had already been on the bridge. She was running a few simulations on the new aeroponics bay she was trying to set up. Kimberly needed to talk to the CSO still but, before she did, she needed to run a few tests, and see if it was a feasible idea. The idea was promising, would the math be? Kimberly heard the call from the captain. She was only a few feet away from him. "Operations is ready to go, Captain."

Caspian had the bridge tactical station. She cast her eyes across her panel and looked across the bridge to the captain. "Tactical systems are green across the board."

"Let's get it done. Ops, set inertial dampeners and structural integrity fields to flight configuration. Helm, clear all moorings and set thrusters to station keeping," Gaudain ordered.

Kimberly nodded, as she spoke up. "Aye Captain." Kimberly said, as she started to work her console, clearing all moorings, and adjusting all power levels to station keeping, she started to bring up the international dampers. She started to transfer power to the structural integrity field, as soon as the order came in.

“Yes sir,” Thiesman replied. Kaden went to work following the orders given. Soon, Thiesman had the moorings cleared and the thrusters were set as ordered.

"Tactical, get the dockmaster on the horn and tell them we're just headed out around the block to stretch our legs," Gaudain said, not able to stop himself from beaming as he prepared to take his first command out of dock for the very first time.

'Aye sir." Caspian's hands flew across the comms panel. Within moments the response came back.

=/\= Acknowledged Apollo. Don't stray too far from home and make sure you close the gate on your way out. You have the ball. =/\=

Caspian smiled at the dockmaster's humour. "Dockmaster confirms our departure, Captain."

"Number one, take us out," Gaudain ordered.

Cal straightened. "Engage aft thrusters, Lieutenant Thiesman. Once we're clear, take us to quarter impulse to leave the spacedock."

Kaden engaged the thrusters, maneuvering the ship carefully, making certain it was clear. Once he was certain, he brought the ship to quarter impulse as they moved away from docking.

[Deck 07 - Main Engineering]

Engineering was a hub of activity. Diagnostics had been run at the start of the shift and everything had been checked that could reasonably be checked, in some cases, twice. Niun, who had never been the type to panic, was ready when word came from the Bridge; he left his office and walked over to the main Engineering console that provided the most complete picture of the ship's systems.

Senior Chief Joss cursed slightly when he heard the alert go off; engineering had known in advance about the warp test, but he'd been engrossed in checking some of the secondary systems for the first part of the afternoon.

"The board is clear," Niun said as he studied the display. No problems reported everything was online and operational. He nodded with satisfaction as she said, "We are ready for the warp test."

Grayson stood by the MSD in Engineering, his eyes already flickering between it and the dozens of screens around displaying the ship's information.

[Main Bridge]

The Apollo was sleek its curves and angles made it look like it was a speedboat sitting low in the water. With her Class-9 warp drive, she was one of the fastest ship in the fleet, despite her small size. The lights of the starbase's massive interior dock glittered off of the ship's duranium hull as she made for open space, ready to sprint for a while after several long weeks lying idle.

"Helm, take us to heading zero-four-zero mark one-zero and engage at full impulse," Gaudain ordered.

“Aye Sir,” Kaden relied. He took the ship out following the captains orders. It felt good to be sitting there doing what he loved. “Ahead full impulse.”

"Engineering, we're going to take the ship through its paces. I want to see where the real red line is on this sucker. Hope you're ready for it," Gaudain said.

"Engines are functioning nominally, captain. I wouldn't wish for my only act aboard your ship to be one of failure," Lieutenant Commander Niun reported over the comm.; it would be a shame to lose him, but Gaudain was focusing on the task at hand more than that.

"I'll take that as a 'let's do it,' commander," Gaudain replied, before closing the channel. "Anyone on the bridge not ready to go?" he asked.

Caspian shook her head at the captain's question, a wide grin on her face.

Likewise, Cal grinned, but tampered it in the face of duty and some sense of professionalism. "All clear here."

"Good enough for me. Helm, ahead warp factor eight. Hit it," Gaudain ordered.

Kaden smiled as he increased the ship to warp eight and the ship took off smoothly. “We are at warp eight, Sir. Everything is normal.”

The acceleration was barely noticeable on the bridge, thanks to the souped-up inertial dampeners on the Apollo and the viewscreen was filled with streaking stars. Gaudain watched the power levels on the command console, satisfied that everything was performing to spec.

"Let's see what she can really do. Engineering, give me maximum power," Gaudain ordered.

"All power levels available, captain," Joss down in engineering reported over the intercomm.

The ship began to go faster and faster, passing warp nine and then climbing towards the ship's flat-out maximum speed, warp 9.9, a speed over three thousand times the speed of light, and exceptionally fast for such a small ship. There was a slight shudder when the ship finally hit maximum power, which got worse as they maintained that speed.

"All stop. Ops, what was that?" Gaudain asked, standing up and moving towards the operations console to the starboard side of the bridge. Shaking wasn't normal.

Kaden brought them to a complete stop and looked over to see what was the problem as well. She had been impressive up until they hit maxim power.

"Trying to ascertain that now Captain, having to recalibrate the sensors, they are out of alignment. Whatever that was, it messed up our sensor lock. Needing to torque the sensors to get a better read out, I need one more minute Captain." Kimberly called out, trying to work even faster. She knew the captain would want those sensors up as soon possible. She too wondered what impacted the sensors.

Cal leaned to their side and peered at the console between theirs and the Captain's chair. Nothing was haywire now that the Apollo was at a full stop, but something definitely wasn't right with some of their sensors. The systems summation on their console didn't give them the in-depth view Ops had to diagnose it. "Wait, Wilson--which sensors are out of alignment?"

As the operations officer checked her instruments, Caspian looked across to the command area.

"I'm running a level 5 diagnostic on the tactical sensors now sir," she reported. Seconds later, she confirmed the results. "Negative. All tactical sensor arrays are operating within expected parameters." She looked over to Ops to see if Kimberly had had more luck finding the source of the problem.

Captain Gaudain crossed his arms for a moment, pondering his next move, before reaching down to the ops console and tapping a few commands to pull up the inertial dampening field control systems, highlighting a particular sensor within that larger system. “You don’t need to torque the sensors, you need to calibrate the torque sensors, lieutenant. They’re out of alignment by 7 microns. Regs say they can be up to 10 off, but not for a ship of this size pushing warp 9,” he said, quietly. The torque sensors measured any torsion between different sides of the ship which might cause the ship to bend and they compensated by changing the configuration of the IDF and structural integrity fields. “Easy mistake for your first day on the bridge, but let’s not let it happen again,” he said, before returning to his seat.

The tactical panel suddenly lit up. Caspian's fingers flew deftly across the controls, pulling up the the sensor interface. The holographic image sprang into view in front of her face. She spoke loudly and urgently, her eyes never leaving the display.

"Captain! There's an unidentified vessel inbound on our position at high warp! I'm working to identify!" She cursed under her breath - at that velocity the ship would be almost on top of them before she had a clear confirmation of its identity.

"Red alert," Gaudain replied immediately, before assuming the command seat. "Check logged flight plans and--," he started, but the other ship was indeed on top of them almost immediately. They had been going so fast that they'd essentially caught up with their own long-range sensors and the other ship was going even faster.

Within seconds, the viewscreen was filled with a massive starship, obviously of Federation design but unusual in its large proportions, merging many of the design features found on the earlier Galaxy and Sovereign-class designs: the Arcturus. With 37 decks and a crew of over 2,500, the Apollo could very nearly fit in her main hanger.

"No need to identify her, tactical. Stand down red alert and hail them," Gaudain said, with a sigh.

"Aye sir," replied Caspian as Apollo's sensors registered the transponder of the newly arrived vessel and populated the holographic display before her: NCC-84000 USS Arcturus - FLTCAPT E. Hayden commanding. She frowned. "Arcturus is already hailing us"

"Fine. Put them on screen, then," Gaudain said, standing up. "Fancy seeing you out here, Arcturus. I don't think we were expecting you until tonight. We'd just slipped out for a quick engine test and were hoping to be back in the stable before you," he said, with a grin, when the screen replaced the image of that massive ship with the interior of an equally-massive bridge and the face of Fleet Captain Elizabeth Hayden.

"You're not the only one who thought it would be a good idea to give their ship's engines a nice workout before heading through the wormhole. We noticed you were stationary, though, Captain Gaudain. Is there anything we can help you with?"

Gaudain frowned. "No, ma'am. Our test revealed a small alignment issue with one of our navigational systems that we're correcting as we speak," he replied. "We'd be happy to escort you to Starbase 38."

"Glad to hear it, Apollo, and it will be nice to formally meet you when we arrive at the starbase. Signal when you're ready to get underweigh. Hayden out," she replied before the call ended.

"Ladies and gentlebeings, Fleet Captain Elizabeth Hayden, our exploration group leader," Gaudain said, to no one in particular. After a moment, the sensors were aligned again, a minor error that brought a 110,000 metric ton starship to a hault. "Signal the flagship that we're ready to get goin'," he ordered. "And then punch it. Warp 9 back to Starbase 38," he ordered, with a grin.

Kaden notified the others that they were ready to go and after getting an acknowledgement back, set course back to the base. “Heading back to Starbase 38 at Warp nine, Sir.” He informed Gaussian.

The ship turned about on a time and jumped to warp, the Arcturus following her a few moments later. This time there was no shaking, the minor sensor error corrected to return the Apollo to the finely-honed speed demon that she was. One less thing to worry about before their long mission in the Delta Quadrant.

A Mission Post By

Captain Sean Gaudain
Commanding Officer
USS Apollo

Commander Cal Everett
Executive Officer
USS Apollo

Lieutenant Commander Niun
Acting Chief Engineering Officer
USS Apollo

Lieutenant J.G. Grayson Jones
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Apollo

Lieutenant Kaden Thiesman
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Apollo

Lieutenant J.G. Kimberly Wilson
Chief Operations Officer
USS Apollo

SCPO Berash Joss
Engineer's Mate
USS Apollo [NPC]

Lieutenant J.G. Charlotte Caspian
USS Apollo


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