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Post 18 - Tactical Matters

Posted on Sun Dec 22nd, 2019 @ 7:55pm by Captain Sean Gaudain & Commander Tavinabolor Th'Vhilallal

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 02 - 1200 Hours

[USS Apollo - Captain's Ready Room]
[Mission Day 02 - 1200 Hours]

After meeting with his yeoman, Captain Gaudain quickly read through the parameters for the war game. It seemed straight forward enough: all of the ships' weapons would be locked in training mode and their computers would register hits and adjust the ship's performance accordingly. Discussing it would be a good moment to meet the tactical officer he decided, though.

"Captain Gaudain to Lieutenant Commander Th'Vhilallal. Please join me in the ready room. I want to go over our instructions for the war game," he said, after tapping his badge.

Tavin looked over his now proudly displayed collection of strategy games from the various federation species adorning his quarters as classical music thrummed softly in the background. It had taken a few days to organize Tactical and Security into an efficient form and in doing so he had neglected getting his personal effects in order. Something now thankfully corrected.

The chime from his combadge followed by the CO's voice signaled the last matter still unsettled. He sighed gently before heaving himself to his feet and heading out.

"On my way sir." Thankfully the Apollo was a smaller ship and it didn't take long to head up one deck and to the captain's quarters. He chimed the door, stood tall, and waited for the captain.

"Come on in," Gaudain said from within.

Tavin entered and looked over the commanding officer's quarters then the man himself.

"LCDR Tavin Th'Vhilallal reporting as ordered sir."

"Commander, good to meet you. Sean Gaudain," Gaudain said, extending his hand. "I've got the specs for the war game and I want you to get started making sure the necessary modifications are loaded into the ship's computer, for simulated weapons fire incoming and outgoing."

Tavin accepted the handshake returning it properly, content that the Captain was just as eager as he was to get to the business at hand.

"Of course sir. We were just looking over the metrics for the ship in Tactical this morning. The modifications shouldn't be too difficult to implement. I'll take them and we'll get to work" He pondered for a second before adding, "But sir, I'm afraid I haven't seen any information about the scenario. I have no doubt that we are up to the task but I'm not a fan of going into 'battle' without any kind of intelligence."

Gaudain laughed. "Well, they've been pretty quiet about the details. All we know is our objective: to knock out the opposing flagship and to defend ours. We won't know the composition of the opposing task group until we're actually in the field. Fleet Captain Hayden will be in command of our group," he noted. He tapped a few commands on his desk console to bring up a holographic projection of the rest of their task group.

The Arcturus dwarfed the rest of the ships in the formation, a brand-new Odyssey-class ship with the latest technology. It was well known that a ship of this class could hold off a large enemy force with its enormous shield generators and all-around coverage of phaser arrays that she could comfortably use all at once with impressive endurance. She dwarfed the USS Cardinal next to her, a Nebula-class ship outfitted with a sensor pod that had powerful phaser arrays but a limited torpedo arsenal.

Arranged around the two larger ships were Cochrane, an Elysion -class light explorer that was the fast, well-armed successor to the Intrepid -class, the Spartan a Saber-class escort, the Peebles, a brand-new Reliant-class ship loaded with supplies and support staff, and the Iceland, a Norway-class science ship, besides the Apollo herself.

"The Spartan and the Apollo are the fastest ships at impulse in the group, so we'll be screening the larger ships. We can assume the opposing team will have a similar composition, but Starfleet never promised that this would be fair," Gaudain explained.

"So we're effectively point defense. Sir, if I might, I worked as a Fleet Strategy instructor at the academy and worked on a number of interesting ideas that might be of use here." Tavin walked over to the hologram and began arranging the ships and typing away at a pad. "Two things specifically." First, and I would want to run the numbers past Commander Niun, but we should be able to diffuse the phaser banks so that instead of a consolidated beam they function as a wide array point defense. This would hurt our offensive potential by about 30% but should negate most of the opposition phaser and small craft assaults."

Tavin kept typing at the pad as the holographic display played an animation showing the diffused array configuration. After it displayed the Spartan and the Apollo flying in a tight formation then crossing plasma trails to create something similar to a smokescreen.

"And this... This was something myself and another professor did the theoretical research on in the academy. I never did get to see it put into practice but it could come in useful as an ace up our sleeves, to borrow a human expression." Tavin suddenly realizing how excited the prospect of a proper war game had made him looked up at the commander and returned to a more neutral expression. "Um... Of course at your discretion sir."

"Sounds a little like a Kolvoord Starburst," Gaudain replied, referring to the highly-dangerous formation manuver involving the precision ignition of plasma streams from several small craft at once.

"Um. Similar sir. The Starburst is illegal at the academy for good reason. This doesn't rely on igniting the trails so much as using them to scatter opposition active sensors. But I can see the concerns."

"Run the numbers on your phaser idea, but we'll need to ensure it's compatible with the phasers being locked in training mode. I also want to make sure we have an adequate supply of flares on hand to stand in for torpedoes," he ordered.

"Right away sir. Thank you." He turned to leave. "My apologies about not stopping by when I first arrived. There was much to get right into. I'll make sure everything is in order and send my reports as soon as I can."

A mission post by

Captain Sean Gaudain
Commanding Officer
USS Apollo

Lieutenant Commander Tavinabolor Th'Vhilallal
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Apollo


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