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Post 19 - The Tellarite National Sport

Posted on Sun Dec 22nd, 2019 @ 8:45pm by Captain Sean Gaudain & Senior Chief Berash Joss & Chief Jean Rembrandt
Edited on on Wed Mar 4th, 2020 @ 4:46pm

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: USS Apollo - Transporter Room 1
Timeline: Mission Day 02 - 1700 Hours

[USS Apollo - Transporter Room 1]
[Mission Day 02 - 1700 Hours]

Following their return from the very successful warp engine test, Gaudain headed down to Deck 2 to beam over to the starbase for his second meeting with the commodore. Belvedere didn't seem to like him very much, but he was used to that with the brass. Still, he felt the need to step carefully around him. Why he'd been ordered to go to a musical concert he had no idea, but he'd ditched his duty uniform for a more casual command outfit: the red uniform shirt from the 2370s uniform with his commbadge and rank pips under a Starfleet black bomber jacket. When the doors to the transporter room opened, Gaudain was met with the sounds of an argument.

"No, no, no, it's not the sensor relay, it's the imaging processor!" a Tellarite said, pointing at a component in one of the transporter pads which had been raised out of the platform. The woman next to him was obviously flustered.

"It's not the imaging processor because the other five sensors are working perfectly, so it has to either be the sensor or the relay and I've already checked the sensor," she insisted.

"If it were the relay, the degradation in the resolution would be more severe. Clearly, you lack experience in this area."

"Excuse me, but I was the transporter chief on Earth Station McKinley for four years!" she said.

Gaudain cleared his throat, and the two of them turned around and then scrambled up to their feet. The Human was wearing the insignia of a Chief Petty Officer and her counterpart was wearing that of a Senior Chief Petty Officer, making them Rembrandt and Joss, the Transporter Chief and Engineer's Mate respectively.

"Engaging in the Tellarite national sport?" Gaudain asked.

"Captain! I wasn't expecting you," Rembrandt said, moving quickly to straighten her uniform. "We were just repairing one of the transporter pads--it's the imaging sensor relay."

"No, it's the imaging processor, Captain!" Joss insisted.

"Isn't she the transporter chief?" Gaudain asked, gesturing to Rembrandt.

"Yes, sir, but I am more senior. She should do as I say," Joss said, with a bit of a growl. "It has to be the image processor because of the way the data is being corrupted."

"Now wait just a darn minute, mister. I know what I'm doing and I know it's the imaging sensor relay," Rembrandt said. Her eyes suddenly got wide. "Please pardon the saucy language, captain. He's just really getting on my last nerve."

Gaudain laughed; 'darn' was hardly what he'd consider to be unacceptable. "Don't worry about it, Chief. Replace the relay and the processor if there's any doubt. Then you both can be right and stop giving me a headache," he said.

"Aye, sir," both of them said, casting side-eyes at one another.

"Good. I need to beam over to the starbase. Anything wrong with the other pads, or do I need to take a shuttle?" Gaudain asked.

"No, sir. Of course not, sir. A shuttle? Never," Rembrandt said, gathering up her tools and retracing the errant transporter pad into the platform. She went behind the console. Her earnestness made Gaudain chuckle, again. "Where would you like to go, sir?"

"Promenade. Behave while I'm gone, kids," the captain said, hopping up to one of the functional transporter pads. "Energize," he said.

[Starbase 38 - Promenade]

Moments later, Captain Gaudain materialized in a small transporter alcove off of Starbase 38's main promenade. It was an area where one could find nearly any shop or restaurant imaginable; some operated by flesh-and-blood proprietors and some merely with holographic simulacra created by Starfleet to give the area a sense of life. Given that he had half an hour to kill before the concert, Gaudain took a stroll down the wide avenues until he got to a shop run by some of the native Barzans. He was sure they were 'real' and not simulations, unlike the Andorian restaurant he saw a little further down.

Gaudain wasn't particularly taken to sentimentality, but he thought a memento from their port of origin might be in order. He was drawn towards a strange object on display near the center of the shop. It was made from two different strands of metal in different colors twisted together as a cone and then forming a highly intricate sphere on the top.

"What is this?" he asked one of the attendants as he circled around it. It was about 30 centimeters tall and 15 at the base.

"It's a sculpture by a local artist, Babar Mambani. The two materials are what the Federation calls 'Barzanium' an alloy of unique to our planet and duranium taken from one of your retired Starfleet ships. The two strands are not welded or forged together in any way, but instead, rely on one another to stand up. It symbolizes the new relationship between the Barzan people and the Federation," the attendant said, with a smile. "Do you like it, captain?"

"When we stand together, we are stronger," Gaudain said, with a smile. The object glinted with the silver-grey of a familiar Federation material with the slightly veridian hue of something unfamiliar. "Can you have this sent to my ship, the Apollo? I was just thinking it would be nice to have something from your world to take with us, since it's your wormhole after all."

"Of course. I believe the sculptor would be very happy with that sentiment as well," she said, gesturing to another worker. "I'd suggest, though, that the wormhole belongs to both of our peoples now. That's the point."

"Fair enough. Thank you. You can charge the material allocation to the ship," Gaudain said with a smile before something else caught his eye. There was a bin full of small brightly-colored objects along one of the walls of the shop. He walked over and picked one up and saw that it was an octohedron. "What are these?" he asked, playing with it in his hands. A few segments on one of the faces changed color as he manipulated it.

"They're toys for children. It's a puzzle--by touching the different facets and vertices, the goal is to make the entire object the same color. It then opens to reveal a surprise," the shopkeeper explained.

"What's the surprise?"

The woman laughed. "Well, it's a surprise," she said.

Gaudain chuckled. "I'll take one of these, too. I want it sent to the Sol system. I'll have my ship send you an address and a message to go with it," he said, handing it to her. It would be perfect to send back to his nephew on one of the Terran LaGrange colonies. "Thank you."

"Happy to be of service, captain. The Barzan people haven't often had the chance to share our culture across the galaxy," she replied, bowing slightly. Gaudain returned the gesture and then left the shop. "I wonder if I have time for a stiff drink before that concert...," he wondered aloud, before thinking better of it and making his way toward the cargo level.

A mission post by

Captain Sean Gaudain
Commanding Officer
USS Apollo

Senior Chief Petty Officer Berash Joss
Engineer's Mate
USS Apollo
NPC - David

Chief Petty Officer Jean Rembrandt
Transporter Chief
USS Apollo
NPC - David


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