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Post 02 - The Two Pilots

Posted on Mon Nov 11th, 2019 @ 3:44am by Lieutenant Kaden Thiesman & Captain Sean Gaudain

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Deck 01 - Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 01 - 1300 Hours

[USS Apollo - Deck 01 - Ready Room]
[Mission Day 01 - 1300 Hours]

Kaden walked through the ship to the ready room. These first meetings always made him nervous. He wondered what the commanding officer would be like. A stuffed shirt by the book captain or would he be someone the crew would learn made decisions depending on what situation they were in. He walked over and rang the buzzer, entering when given permission.

“Lieutenant Thiesman reporting for duty,” He said as he stopped in front of the captain’s desk.

Captain Gaudain studied him for a moment. Gaudain was slightly taller, but the two men were otherwise very similar, right down to their professions.

"Welcome aboard, Lieutenant," Gaudain said, his particular emotions not immediately evident. "I was a helmsman for most of my career, so I've been waiting to meet the man who will be flying my ship. The Apollo is quick and maneuverable, so she'll need someone with a lot of talent behind the helm," he noted.

Kaden supposed he should be nervous but he wasn’t. The captain seemed serious but fair as well from what he could tell. “I have been flying since before I joined the academy. “I am a quick thinker, I react to the situation at hand with a calm cool demeanor. I have plenty of experience in tight situations. I won’t panic or sit waiting for every order. You order me to get us out of a situation and I will do it.” He kept his eyes directly on Gaudain, showing his confidence in himself, but couldn’t really detect how the captain took his words.

"Well, confidence is certainly key, lieutenant," the captain replied. "We're going to be dealing with the Kazon a fair bit during this cruise, so I want you to study their tactics in the database. You'll need to know their formations and flight patterns."

“I will make it a priority, Captain.” Kaden replied seriously. The captain got straight to the point. “I will make certain I am an expert by the time I am done.”

"I'll settle for well-informed," Gaudain said, standing up. He offered a handshake across the desk. "It's good to meet you, lieutenant."

“It is great to meet you,” Kaden replied. He couldn’t quite get a handle on the captain a he shook his hand but so far he seemed to just want to know his crew knew their jobs. And who could blame him any? They would make or break the ship. “I am looking forward to serving under you.”

Gaudain offered a small smile but otherwise remained inscrutable. "Dismissed, Lieutenant."

Kaden turned and headed out of the ready room and stopped as the door shut. He let out a long breath and then grinned. He headed to flight control where he wanted to spend some time, just sitting there and getting a feel for her.

A mission post by

Lieutenant Kaden Thiesman
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Apollo

Captain Sean Gaudain
Commanding Officer
USS Apollo


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