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Post 20 - The New Arrivals, Pt. 1

Posted on Sun Dec 22nd, 2019 @ 8:46pm by Ensign Kieran Quinn & Ensign Epkereamaka Keval & Ensign Tristan Murphy & Ensign Mathias Darnell

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Starbase 38
Timeline: Mission Day 02 - 2000

[Starbase 38 Promenade]
[Mission Day 2 - 1800]

The USS Falcon was as Freedom Class Frigate and one of Starfleet's fastest vessels. It had seen extensive combat experience during the Dominion War but its current mission was much more mundane. It primarily ferried passengers between Earth and Starbase 38 It was mostly Starfleet officers, NCOs, and enlisted personnel and their family members. It was not uncommon for an occasional civilian to be on board, but they almost always were attached to Starfleet, or at least were conducting business with the Federation.

There were no civilians on its current voyage to the station, but there was the next closest thing on board, a group of thirty freshly graduated Ensigns, all of whom were excited most of whom were nervous. One such Ensign that fit in both those categories was Matthias Darnell. Mathias was a Mari and had a disciplined mind. Not like a Vulcan certainly, but more disciplined than most humans. He was cool under pressure, at least outwardly and many times thrived on it. What he was feeling was not the normal Enisgn's butterflies or fears they were going to bungle their first interview with their new Captains.

His fear was more tangible and raw. In Star Fleet Command's finite wisdom, he had been assigned to the USS Apollo which was assigned to the Delta Quadrant where he was a wanted man. From an intellectual standpoint, he knew he'd be safe. The ship wasn't going anywhere near his homeworld, or at least it wasn't supposed to. And he had the whole ship to protect him. More than that he was a Federation citizen and they couldn't touch him. Nevertheless, he couldn't help but feet a little trepidation.

And he would have to inform the Captain of his situation. No matter how small the chances of trouble were, and as far as they knew they were exceedingly small, he did have to tell him.

Arrival at the starbase was for the most part without incident. Because there were several transporter rooms, there were no lines. His things were beamed aboard the ship and he could have been too. But, he wasn't supposed to report for duty till the next day, so he asked to be beamed down to the station, intending to enjoy a night of R&R. After all, how much trouble could he get into?


Also aboard the Falcon were three of Darnell's shipmates, recent graduates of the Starfleet Academy class of December 2398. Ensigns Kieran Quinn, Epkereamaka Keval, and Tristan Murphy beamed over a little after Darnell had. Between the three of them, they represented all three branches of Starfleet--Quinn was a pilot, Keval was a security officer, and Murphy was a nurse--and they were all seeming to follow their respective roles. Much to Murphy's displeasure, Quinn was the obvious and natural leader of their little group, as he couldn't get a word in edgewise and Keval seemed content to follow along with the group.

"This is gonna be so fun," Quinn said, clapping Murphy on the shoulder, causing him to recoil a little bit. Quinn was six inches taller than Murphy and had always been the consummate jock during their time at the Academy. Until then, this was the first time that Quinn hadn't actively ignored him.

"Before today you didn't even know my name and now we're best friends?" the nurse asked, crossing his arms. He avoided looking at Quinn and turned to Keval. "Do you really want to go out tonight?"

"We're shipmates now, Tristan. Lighten up," Quinn said, with an infuriatingly perfect grin. Murphy wanted to punch him, but felt himself blushing at the smile. He'd noticed Quinn across campus many times and was always torn between a visceral need to hate him for being exactly the sort of guy he didn't want to have anything to do with and an embarrassing habit of checking him out.

"It is tradition. You'll be safe with us," Keval noted, with a shrug. She was a Risian but she was unlike any Risian that Murphy had ever encountered; rather than being about free love and open affection, she was reserved, taciturn, and, frankly, a little scary. He knew that she could break every bone in his body with a glance.

"Yeah, we've got your back, little guy," Quinn added, the grin turning into a smirk.

"That is not what I meant. Don't you want to go into your first assignment clear-headed and well-rested?" Murphy retorted.

"Nope," Quinn replied, laughing, as they set off towards one of the bars on the promenade. Murphy reluctantly followed along with them, until they were seated in a booth with beers. "To the class of 2398!"


Mathias had noticed his classmates on board the ship, even talked to them a few times while onboard. But he hadn't really known them well back at the Academy, which was why he hadn't invited them to come along on his little trek. That and the fact that he hadn't decided, to the last minute when he was on the Falcon's transporter pad, that he was going to the station first and not the ship.

He wasn't planning to get drunk per se, but he was hoping to get just a little buzzed. It wasn't a condition he sought out much, his mental shield tended to weaken when he drank a little too much, which allowed the emotion of others to come a little too freely into his mind. Most of the time that was unwelcome, especially if there were a lot of people around.

Every once in a while, however, he sought out the experience.

But before he started his bar crawl he wanted to get something to eat. Harlon's was set up as an old Earth, British pub. He found a place at the bar, sat down on the stool and without looking at the menu ordered a Full English Breakfast.

After a while, the three other ensigns made their way into the faux pub. Quinn pulled the other two along to the bar right next to Mathias. He was clearly in a good mood, though his two companions' emotions were more muted. Quinn flagged down the bartender.

"Can we get three pints of beer?" Quinn asked.

Murphy groaned slightly.

"That's what you do in an English pub, Tristan," Quinn said, turning around to the nurse for a moment. When he turned back he saw Mathias. "Oh, hey. It's Matthew, right?" he asked, with a bright smile.

"Mathias," the Mari corrected his voice neutral, "not Matthew. And you know most people ask what others want instead of ordering for them. You know that old Terran saw about assuming. Right?"

Murphy laughed as Quinn blushed. "He thinks he's in charge because he's wearing red. Asking us what we want isn't really part of his plan," the nurse supplied.

"I'm facilitating an authentic experience," Quinn shot back.

Murphy rolled his eyes. "How are you this evening, Mathias? We didn't mean to interrupt your, um, breakfast," he said, politely.

"It's no problem, Tristan," the science officer said to the nurse giving him a genuine smile. "You're not interrupting."

Then he turned to Quinn his smile still there but fading slightly Just to make everyone happy, I'll take the beer if Mister Murphy doesn't want it. And wanting an authentic experience is great, but not everyone wants the same thing."

Turning back to the nurse he said, "Tristan, why don't you just order whatever you want. I'll buy. That way everyone's happy. How about that?"

Murphy chuckled. In a moneyless society, the idiom of buying someone a drink had still managed to survive. "Ok, sure," he said, as the bartender brought over three pints of dark beer. "Could I get Scotch whiskey neat? On him," he said, pointing his thumb towards Mathias.

Quinn and Keval both stared at the small nurse. "That is what you drink?!" Quinn asked.

Murphy shrugged. "I hate being predictable, Kieran," he said, grinning when the bartender came back with it.

"You have succeeded, then," Keval noted, arching an eyebrow.

"Cheers," Murphy said, raising his glass.

"Cheers to you," Mathias said with a grin of his own. After taking a long pull on his glass, but not draining it, he sat it down. "Nothing wrong with being unpredictable. It's kind of fun actually," he said.

"So what are you folks doing tonight?"

"It is a tradition for new Ensigns to make a tour of the bars and taverns on the starbase before they report to their first assignment, so says Ensign Quinn," Keval replied; she'd always been a little stiff and formal.

"It is a tradition, Kerea," Quinn replied, with a smile. He'd clearly been a little irritated to have his authority challenged by Mathias, but that had passed. "I didn't mean to leave you out of the planning, Mathias. I kinda shanghaied these two as we were leaving the Falcon," he said, sounding sincere.

Morgan wasn't quite sure about the other new Ensign's sincerity, but it wasn't his place to judge and he wasn't going to be rude and use his talent to determine the other man's words.

"Not a problem, I was actually planning the same thing. But, I wouldn't want to intrude on your plans. You can go on without me if you want."

"You're more than welcome to come with us. We're going to be shipmates, after all," Ensign Murphy replied, with a smile. "Kieran seems to need someone to keep him in line, anyway," he added, glancing at the taller, blonder ensign.

"Yeah, if you can put up with Tristan's sass. The more, the merrier," Kieran replied, laughing.

"You would be most welcome," Keval added.

"Well, I'll be glad to come along. Just let me finish my meal, and my beer and we shove off. I'm pretty sure I can keep up with all of you."

"No doubt," Murphy noted, as he took a drink.

Quinn scoffed at the nurse. "Well, looks like you're the one to keep up with," he said, nodding to the Scotch. "It's a marathon, not a sprint, though. What happened to wanting to be clear-eyed and well-rested?"

"I don't do things in half-measures. I can handle myself, Kieran," Murphy replied with a grin. He smiled at Mathias. "We'll be over there when you're ready," he said, pointing to a high top table. The three of them left Mathias to finish his meal, with Quinn and Murphy continuing to tease one another as Keval watched the both of them quietly.

It didn't take long for Mathias to finish his meal and drink and joined the other three at the table. He leaned against it. He was a bit closer to Tristian than the others, but the difference wasn't overly noticeable and he wasn't in his personal space.

"Everyone ready?" he asked.

"Yeah, let's go," Quinn replied. The four of them set off out of the bar and down the promenade until they made it to the next stop, one of the many other bars on the large space station. This time when they stepped up to the bar, Quinn turned to Mathias. "What can I get you, Mathias?" he asked.

"I'll take a mojito if you don't mind?" the Mari replied gratefully that the blond had gotten his name right. "So are you and Keval going out?" he asked, "she doesn't seem like a typical Risian."

Quinn chuckled and shook his head. He glanced around looking for her, but she and Murphy had found a table. "No. But, you're right, she's not a typical Risian. When have you ever met a Risian with a gun?" he noted. He flagged down the bartender. "Scotch neat, two beers, and a mojito," he said, ticking the items off on his fingers.

"Well, I'm from the Delta Quadrant, so I haven't met many Risians period. But they don't really have a reputation for carrying weapons. They're supposed to be more open to, uh more private matters than humans. My people are much the same in many ways."

Quinn cocked his head, processing what he just said. "Yeah, Humans can be pretty repressed. I guess it's in our nature," he confirmed. "I hadn't heard that about your people, too," he noted, scanning him with his blue eyes for a moment.

"But, no, I'm not seeing her. I was in a few classes with her but I never really got that vibe from her." The blond took one of the beers and the glass of scotch when it appeared. "She's single, as far as I know," he added, nodding to the remaining beer and Mathias's own drink. He went over to the table where Keval and Murphy were sitting and handed him the glass of whiskey, which made the nurse smile, but only very slightly.

Mathias couldn't help but notice his fellow officer glancing his direction but he didn't think much of it. He took the drink Kieran had gotten him and followed him back to the table.

"I'd pace myself if I were you," he suggested to Tristian or "you'll be four sails into a gale." He hoped he was getting the idiom right.

Murphy laughed. "It's not like I'm doing shots. I'll switch to synthehol after this," he replied.

"Not doing shots, yet," Quinn said, nudging him.

"You wish, flyboy," Murphy said, before taking a drink. "So what do you do, Mathias? You're a science officer, right?"

Mathias glanced at each one at the table offering a brief smile to each before answering, "That's right science, but more social science than technical science, my specialty is cultural studies. How different species interact with each other and within their own culture as well. Sort of a poor man's diplomat and counselor rolled into one. If you want to be bored with too much information, I did my thesis on Hostile Alien Negotiation."

"Well, there are plenty of hostile aliens in the Delta Quadrant," Keval noted, before taking a drink. "I guess you'll come in handy, then."

"Plenty of friendly ones, too," Murphy noted, with a smile.

The Delta Quadrant native wasn't sure if the good looking nurse was simply making conversation of if there was a subtle implication in his words. He guessed time would tell.

"Well I'm from there and I'm one of the friendly ones. I hope most of the ones we encounter will be." Mathias paused. "So, what about you guys, why did you all join Starfleet?"

"Risa is boring. I wanted to see the galaxy," Keval offered, with a shrug.

"I've always wanted to be a pilot and didn't want to get stuck on a freighter for my whole life, so Starfleet was the only choice," Quinn replied.

"I guess I don't know, really. I always got good grades, so the entrance exam was kind of a breeze. I like helping people... and adventure, I guess," Murphy noted. "Life in the Federation can be kind of, well, boring. It'll be nice to see new places."

"All good reasons I suppose, "Mathias replied. He lifted his glass and continued, "So what shall we drink to? I know..."

His words were cut off by the sound of three very loud Orions were we singing something loud, bawdy and off-key. They had entered the bar when the four ensigns had started to discuss their reasons for joining Starfleet. When they spotted the officers, the larger one narrowed his eyes and made an exaggerated sniffing motion. "Oh, I smell four little Fleeter rats. Rather rank if you ask me."

"This is a Starfleet base, sir. You better watch yourself," Quinn said, without hesitation.

"Ahh, of course, that's the answer isn't it brat. I'm aware of what kind of base it is. Go ahead and call for security because you're too scared to try to handle it on your own."

Mathias looked at his fellow officers and laid a hand on Quinn's arm.

Quinn scoffed. "Why the fuck would I waste my time with scum like you in the first place? We're Starfleet officers, not trash collectors," he said, acid in his voice.

"You're probably already being trailed by security, anyway," Keval noted, though she seemed more on alert.

"Give it up and just go away," Mathias said his voice calm.

The lead Orion started to advance towards the group when the starbase security forces did indeed show up. That shut them up quickly and they were escorted out of the bar without creating any real havoc.

"Well, "Mathias said, turning towards the group. "That was fun."

"I kinda wanted to see you beat them up, Kerea," Murphy noted, grinning at Keval.

"That would have been a waste of energy," she replied. "I'm proud of you, Kieran. I thought you were going to get your face punched in."

Quinn grinned. "Well, it would be a shame for this to be damaged," he said, gesturing to his own face. "I think bar fights are another night before deployment tradition, but I'm glad we skipped that one."

Mathias rolled his eyes without any attempt to hide it. "I suppose all the gals and guys on our new ship will be relieved that it wasn't marred, but still it could have added some character. Made you stand out."

"I already stand out," Quinn said, grin turning into a smirk. He cocked his head at Murphy. "Don't you think, Tristan?"

"Maybe. You'd stand out more if you weren't so conceited, though," the nurse said, returning the smirk. "I don't think a broken nose would necessarily improve upon that."

Quinn just shrugged and took a drink. "I'm good with maybe."

The science office expression didn't turn into a smirk like his two companions, but it was rather amused The nurse and his insight, was beginning to grow on him. "Perhaps, we should talk about something else," he suggested. "Or maybe move someplace else. I heard about a place called the Corral it's on the lowest level and they're supposed to play some music called country and western. Whatever that is."

"Cowboys and stuff," Murphy supplied. His two compatriots turned to him. "What? I took a music history class at the Academy. It's not my fault I'm cultured."

"Alright. Let's get moving, then," Quinn said, draining his drink and standing up. "The night's young!"

OOC: This post got kind of long, so let's break it in half here. Let's also please wait on posting it until a few other things get out so that it lines up with the timeline. :)

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