Star Trek: Apollo


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Post 34 Getting to know each other

Posted on Fri Feb 28th, 2020 @ 2:23am by Lieutenant Kaden Thiesman & Lieutenant Kimberly Wilson

Mission: Episode 0 - War Games
Location: Lounge Deck 2

Then all of a sudden, there was two. In a sea of people. Kimberly was not sure what to say at first. She smiled nervously, as she took a small sip from her drink. She wanted him to stay, but she was not sure what they should talk about.

“You having a good time.” Kaden asked Kimberly. It was a typical question, he really should have come up with something more unique. “It is an interesting crew we are serving with.”

"Not sure on both accounts." Kimberly said, with a big grin. She was not sure if she would call this meet and greet, a good time. And she was not sure, if the crew could be classified as interesting. She barely knew anything about them. So far, she had a good feeling about them.

“Well I don’t want to run screaming for a shuttle so that is good.” Kaden said with a smile. He thought meeting her had been a big plus.

"What do you mean?" Kimberly asked, not getting the reference he was making. Maybe it was a macho guy thing.

“It was supposed to be funny,” Kaden explained. “You get assigned to a ship and the crew is so bad you want to run to a shuttle and escape.” He shook his head. “No one thinks my jokes are funny, I get it.”

"Is that a typical response, humor in tough or new situations?" Kimberly asked, with a half smile on her face. She could appreciate his need to be humorous, but was it really necessary?

"No really," Kaden shook his head. "It was kind of dumb wasn't it?" He didn't wait for her to answer and continued on. "What is that project you were talking about earlier. I only caught the end of it."

"A new Hydroponics Garden for the ship." Kimberly said, a little cautious. "Why are you so tough on yourself?" Kimberly asked, thinking that he was being to harsh on himself. She would have never called it dumb.

“Tough?” Kaden smiled easily. “I prefer honest. No ones ever laughed at my jokes. Some people can tell them some can’t. Nothing wrong with that.”

"I can appreciate that. I like honesty too." Kimberly said to him, with a big grin on her face. She did not mind his tough or honest approach. It was very refreshing.

“So what are you planting in this garden,” Kaden asked her with interest. She probably wondered why he was interested. He couldn’t explain it, he just was.

"Not sure yet, mostly vegetables and fruit that can be grown in a airponics or hydroponics bay. Do you have any special requests?" Kimberly asked him, with a big grin on her face. She was planning on talking with the science team, to get their recommendations as well.

“I love peaches,” Kaden said with a smile. “They are a weakness of mine.”

"Good to know." Kimberly said with a big grin. She would look to see if Peaches would be a possibility. "I'll talk to the chief scientist, to see if we a can have a peach tree. But I not sure. We may have to important them." Kimberly pointed out to him.

“I understand,” Kaden smiled. “Now I am hungry for some peach ice cream.” He looked at her. “What’s your favorite food?”

Kimberly gave him a strange look. "Peach Ice Cream?" She asked, as she ignored his question. She was caught up on why anyone, would like peach ice cream.

“Ice cream with Peach Cobbler is the best,” Kaden grinned. “Don’t knock it until you try it.”

"That is good, but you did not say that, you said Peach ice cream. Hence my confusion." Kimberly said, thinking well that's no so bad. Vanilla ice cream with peach cobbler.

“My bad,” Kaden replied. “Should have explained it a bit more. What’s your favorite fruit?”

"Not sure if I have one. I do like fruit though." Kimberly said, with a big grin on her face. "If I had to narrow it down. Perhaps strawberries." Kimberly said, imagining a nice juicy strawberry.

“See now I could get into that,” Kaden grinned. “Strawberry shortcake is one of my favorites.”

Kimberly wondered what his angle was. She decided to call him out on it. "Is that so." She asked, with a small grim on her face.

"It is," Kaden nodded. "I love peaches but I like shortcake as well." He was thinking about watching her eat a strawberry and it made him smile.

Kimberly was not sure about this guy. She felt the strawberry comment, was more of an attempt to get on her good side. It was clear to her, that he liked her. Which was not a bad thing. But she would have preferred honesty, or compliance.

She shook off the moment. "Are your quarters on Deck 2 as well?" Kimberly asked, trying to continue the conversation.

“Yes they are,” Kaden nodded. “Where are you at? Who knows we could be neighbors.”

I believe we are, my quarters is near sickbay and bio lab one." Kimberly said with a big grin. With a ship this small, she knew everyone would be living in small quarters and near each other. She wondered how closely.

“I am the same area,” Kaden grinned. “It is like fate.” He really liked her and hoped things may progress.”

"Or we live on a small ship, and the odds were in our favor." Kimberly said, with a big smile on her face. "Even though she is small, she has a lot of character. So glad to be assigned to the Apollo." Kimberly suggested proudly.

“I am too,” Kaden smiled. “When I found out I was coming here I wanted to do something embarrassing like scream “yes” but in a room full of others it wasn’t appropriate.”

"Scream?" Kimberly asked, a little curious. What he meant by that. "I have a feeling, you have a story to share." Kimberly asked, hoping he would open up.

“When I was young and something good happened,” Kaden said with a smile. “Like making it on the football team it was customary to stand up, pump your fist up and yell YES! I had that instinct in that moment.” He shook his head. “Thankfully my training took over, they might have locked me up.”

"I see." Kimberly saying to herself, great another jock to deal with. No doubt he may need a good ego stroking. She hoped he was not like most jocks she knew. She was really torn, was he another dumb jock, or something more?

“But that was another time,” Kaden said with a smile. “Honestly I wasn’t that great a football player I much prefer being here.”

"Being here?" Kimberly asked, hoping he would explain a little bit more, on what he meant by that. Did he mean Starfleet, did he mean her? What did he mean. He assumed Starfleet. But he was not sure. Maybe he meant in his department he served in.

"On this ship," Kaden explained. "Out here making a difference." He smiled then. "Of course being here with you. I like you but I think you know that already."

"I can not be a reason. You barely know me. Don't tell me your a Mommas boy?" Kimberly asked, a little concerned.

“Well I didn’t mean that I was falling in love with you right now,” Kaden explained. “But I like the ship and I like spending time with you. I am no momma’s boy to quote you. Just that I know my future was where I am and not back there.” Sometimes he said things backwards he needed to think first.

"Relax, I was just teasing you. Do you take everything so seriously?" Kimberly asked, as she noticed him being a little on edge, with her comment. She was serious, in thinking he was a momma boy. But that was not a bad thing, necessarily.

Kaden sighed. “I am working on lightening up a bit.” He smiled then. “I guess I need some more practice.”

"I could help, if you want." Kimberly said, being a little forward with her response. She liked his sincerity. It was very refreshing to see. She was use to jerks hitting on her. But he seemed different.

Kaden smiled widely, his eyes lighting up. “I have been called boring and stuffy in the past. I guess I have a serious nature.”

"Only if you want too, I would never ask anyone to change for little ole me." She said, waiting to see what he would say. She wondered, if he would be sincere. Or tell her, what he thought she wanted him to say.

“I really want to change,” Kaden replied. “For myself though. Who wants to be known as stuffy, I don’t.” He smiled then. “A person needs to like themselves anyway or there will never be happy.”

"Stuffy?" Kimberly asked, suspecting there was a story to share. She was curious, why he was called Stuffy. What did it mean?

“It means boring,” Kaden explained. “When everyone else was out partying up at the academy I was studying to get good grades. Apparently that made me stuffy or a better word would be boring.”

"I see, I need head to the lab. I guess I'll meet you there later?" Kimberly asked as the scene starts to fade away.


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