Star Trek: Apollo



USS Apollo    [ View Specifications » ]
Main Bridge   The Main Bridge is the ship's primary control center.
Captain's Ready Room   The captain's private office is a space in which he can work on ship's business while staying close to the bridge.
Captain's Quarters   The captain's quarters are the most spacious on the ship.
Briefing Room   A space for the senior staff to conduct briefings.
Sickbay   The ship's only sickbay has space for three patients, along with a small medical lab.
Transporter Room   The Apollo's two transporter rooms are capable of transporting seven people each.
Mess Hall   The mess hall on Deck 2 provides ample space for the crew to eat, along with four replicators.
Science Lab 1   The main science lab has all of the equipment necessary to study anything the Apollo comes into contact with.
Cargo Bay 1   The ship's main cargo bay also contains the ship's primary cargo transporter, two Type-18A shuttlepods, and the four workbees.
Cargo Bays 2-3   These smaller cargo bays are designed to store technical components or biological samples that need to be stored in a particular environment.
Shuttle Bay   The shuttle bay is used to launch and retrieve small craft.
Senior Officers' Quarters   The Executive Officer, Chief Engineering Officer, Second Officer, and Chief Medical Officers' quarters are larger than other officers' quarters.
Officers' Quarters   Other than the five senior-most officers aboard, all officers ranked Lt. J.G. and above have individual bedrooms with a shared living space and head.
Crew Quarters   Ensigns and enlisted personnel have shared quarters.
Computer Core Access   The main computer cores are accessible from here.
Main Engineering   Main Engineering contains the warp core and is controls all power generation aboard the ship.
Corridor   Corridors connect the various rooms on the ship.
Turbolift   Turbolifts are used to move between decks.
Blueprints   Full deck plans of the Apollo