Star Trek: Apollo



Mission 01 - Retribution

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Unexpectedly reassigned to the Alpha Quadrant, the Apollo must secure Federation space against Breen raiders in the wake of a devastating attack on Guardian Station.

Episode 1 - Ghost Ship

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After transiting through the Barzan wormhole to the Delta Quadrant, the Apollo sets course to scout the current status of the Kazon Collective, but quickly discovers something unexpected: a distress call from the starship Firebrand a Saber-class ship that was lost almost ten years prior and moves to investigate.

Episode 0 - War Games

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After the crew boards the Apollo at Starbase 38 in the Barzan System, they are pit alongside the Task Force flagship, the Arcturus against another group of Starfleet vessels to test their mettle and prepare for the rigors of the Delta Quadrant.