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Player of the Quarter

All players of the Fleet that have been awarded the Player of the Month Citation during the current voting period are automatically considered for the Quarterly Citation. The award is granted by means of a majority vote of the BFA. Members of the BFA are not allowed to vote for themselves and/or the representatives from their Task Force. Only players still active at the time of the vote are eligible for the award.

Category: Out of character
Awarded: 1 time

Mon Nov 11th, 2019 @ 6:21am
For outstanding authorship and flexibility in the face of a new sim, new crew, and shifting positions. Cal joined on as our CMO after our my (Commander Rae’s) medical leave caused a shakeup in the roster. Upon the return of our previous CMO, Cal graciously offered to take on the science department will doubling up and taking on the role of second officer, all the while contributing some of our favorite writing.