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Commander T'Laruk Akaigan

Name T'Laruk Akaigan

Position Former Character

Rank Commander

Character Information

Species Vulcan/Betazoid
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Dusty Brown
Eye Color Muted Brown
Physical Description T'Laruk is taller than the average male of both his parents' species. His hair utterly refuses to be straightened, and his muted brown eyes have the interesting quality that they can be focused on someone for long periods of time without making them uncomfortable.


Father Iladan Akaigan
Mother T'Kin Akaigan

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses T'Laruk is a gifted Engineer as well as a prodigy in the field of quantum theory. His Betazoid heritage, something that he doesn't volunteer information on, affords him a better insight into the motivations, struggles, and idiosyncrasies of his crewmates.

While he generally keeps a balance between the logical and emotional sides of his heritage, spending too long with either philosophy in the "front" can cause severe mental stress as the two sides of his heritage vie for dominance.
Ambitions T'Laruk's greatest ambition is to one day be present at an event that makes history for a 'good' reason, so that he'll have a 'good' story to tell his progeny instead of the story of the Battle of Sector 001, which, while educational in its own right, is not a happy story.
Hobbies & Interests T'Laruk enjoys fencing, racquetball, and Kal-toh. He also likes to remain up-to-date on new developments in quantum theory.

Personal History T'Laruk was born on his father's home planet of Betazed, and lived there with his parents until he was twelve, when his mother returned to Vulcan with him to further his education. He attended the Vulcan Science Academy and made a study of stellar cartography and quantum mechanics. After graduating, he applied to Starfleet Academy. After being admitted, he continued his study of quantum mechanics for three years until he realized something interesting about his mind - he could sense the emotions of people he knew well if they were nearby. He spent a few weeks looking for records of anyone with similar abilities, focusing mostly on half-Betazoids. Finding only one such person who could be contacted, he sent a message to Deanna Troi. To T'Laruk's surprise, she responded not with a short message, but with a few-thousand lines of text, giving him advice on how to improve and interpret his ability as well as course documentation for classes he could take if he wanted to become a Ship's Counselor.

Seeing immediately the benefits such a course of action would have on his future shipmates, T'Laruk immediately spoke with an academic advisor about drastically altering the focus of his studies. The new programs were just as challenging as the old ones, but he put all his spare time into catching up. And so, four years after enrolling in Starfleet Academy, T'Laruk Akaigan graduated with honors in three fields: quantum mechanics, psychiatry, and psychology.

His first assignment was as an Engineer on the USS Budapest, where he served until the Battle of Sector 001. The TR-116 rifles were the only reason so many of the crew members survived, and T'Laruk would very much like to never encounter the Borg again. After the incident, he elected to keep a TR-116: it is one of few personal items he carries beyond the uniforms.

His next assignment was the USS Pelican, an Nebula-Class ship, again as an Engineer. He served there until Captain Selma was reassigned to the Soyuz-Class USS Malbolge, and transferred with his Captain to the newly-constructed ship. Five years later, he was offered the position of Ship's Counselor on his old haunt, the Pelican. He immediately accepted, returning to his former ship and most of his former crewmates. He served aboard the Pelican for five years, after which time he was offered the position of Chief Engineer aboard the Nova-Class USS Verdant Sky for the duration of its five-year survey mission of two neighboring star systems, including three Class-M planets, one of which was nearing warp-capability.

After the Verdant Sky's mission was complete, T'Laruk received a request for volunteers to crew a new ship - the USS Apollo. Feeling that he would be a good fit for the position of Chief Counselor on a ship going to the Delta Quadrant, he put his name in the hat, with recommendations from both Captain Selma and the new Captain of the Pelican, Captain Renault.
Service Record 2399- : USS Apollo - Chief Counselor
2393-2399: USS Verdant Sky - Chief Engineer
2389-2393: USS Pelican - Ship's Counselor
2384-2388: USS Malbolge - Engineer
2373-2384: USS Pelican - Engineer
2371-2373: USS Budapest - Engineer