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Commander Niun

Name Niun

Position Former Character

Rank Commander

Character Information

Species Mri
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 143 lbs
Hair Color Brown with Gold Streaks
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Athletic and lean, more a runner's physique. His hair is worn below shoulder length and tied back when working. When relaxed, he uses a wide range of mannerisms, both facial and body language, but he can also be quite still and hard to read. That duality reflects his earlier training and the life he is still in the process of developing/choosing. Has no interest in fashion and tends to dress in black when off duty though more and more, the longer he has been away from home world, he has expanded his wardrobe to include whites and grays. His voice is relative soft, a sort of deeper tenor, and he rarely raises his voice. Nearly always accompanied by Bayre, a Dusei, and always carries a combat knife with him.

The Mri are originally from Kulath. Both Kesrith and Kulath are desert worlds.
+ Nictitating membrane to protect his eyes from wind-blown grit.
+ Ears are slightly pointed
+ Hearing, Sight and Smell are superior to human
+ Fast reflexes
+ Can communicate telepathically but generally doesn't.
+ Ages much slower than humans

Dusei Physiology:
+ Intelligent, more so than Earth-typical, but incapable of speech. Communicates with the one he pairs with through shared telepathic images.
+ Has sheathed claws that secrete poison. Part of the pairing ritual is deliberate exposure to the poison in small doses to develop a tolerance.
+ Dusei choose to initiate a pairing and have been known to travel vast distances.
+ Racial/shared memory (what any Dusei has seen, Bayre can recall if he sees it again). Course whether he chooses to share that information is another matter entirely. Inscrutable is a word often applied to the Dusei.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Many (Biological - unknown)
Mother Many (Biological - unknown)
Brother(s) All members of the Kel (warrior caste)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Clear-headed, strong-minded and willing to compromise. He is both decisive and at times, aggressive. He's never been one to shy away from hard work and is generally socially adept with a good sense of humor. Loyalty is key to his personality; in a personal relationship, he needs loyalty but is also readily willing to be loyal. He has a warrior's instinct paired with a strong, protective streak. The safety of the weak matters to him. The transition from warrior to engineer has been a difficult one for him, more an ongoing process than a fait accompli. He will probably always maintain the level of training and self-discipline that was a hallmark of the Azhadi though he is learning by slow degrees, to change how he perceives his environment.
Strengths & Weaknesses Languages Spoken: Mri High and Low Speech, Federation Standard, Deltan

+ Altruistic. Puts the needs of others above his own and works for the common good.
+ Intelligent, thoughtful, a bit of a philosopher. Will take the time to consider options, wrestle with larger decisions, but isn't afraid to act when needed.
+ Athletic - has been running very long distance since he was a boy. Grew up in the wilderness without technology.
+ Curious and inquisitive - a natural explorer
+ Loves puzzle solving
+ Highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and knives
- Strong sense of personal honor

- Slow to trust having been betrayed and banned from his home world, his people, and his culture.
- Reserved around people he doesn't know and that can be nearly glacial around complete strangers.
- Losing community, the tribe, was a great loss to him, one that he continues to feel.
- Doesn't do well when he's trapped/caged. Freedom matters to him.
- Finds it hard to resist a mystery. Put a wrapped present in a trapped room and he WILL find a way to get at it.
- Something of an adrenaline junkie
- Still struggles with making choices.
Ambitions Ambition is not a word he understands.
Hobbies & Interests + Extreme running/camping
+ Shon'ai
+ Reading. Something the Mri weren't permitted to do.
+ Exploring/hiking
+ Live theater, music, holoadventures
+ History and philosophy

Personal History The Mri originated on the world of Kutath, an ancient world which they shared with four other races. As resources grew scarcer, a portion of them left Kutath in slowships, seeking other worlds. They would hire on as mercenaries with a race, but each time the relationship ended badly, and they left to seek a new start. During each journey, or Dark, everything but the ancient traditions of the mri were forgotten by kel and kath, with only the sen retaining records of the Between they had left between. A hint of this process remained in the Shon’jir or passing song which was sung at births and deaths, but most kel of the Between thought of it only as referring to the individual.

After more than eighty such migrations, the mri settled on Kesrith, a desert planet not dissimilar to their lost home. There they encountered the dusei, dog-like telepaths who had intelligence but not the capacity for speech. The dusei established bonds with warriors of the kel, but were said to find the minds of sen too cold for their tastes.

Niun was born on Kesrith and grew up as a member of the Kel. His training, which started at the age of 12, was rigorous and extensive. He was talk a rigid and uncompromising code of ethics. As his training progressed, he learned to make and wield the sword and knife, the traditional weapons of the Kel, to run long distances. For him, life was not about making choices. It was about doing what the She'pan required to the best of his ability.

There were no elderly Kel. They all died young and violently in service to whatever task the She'pan set for them and they did not question. It was a matter of honor. The Sen, however, began to plot and eventually, using the laws by which they lived, found a way to stage a bloodless coup. When it was done, the Kel were ordered to put down their arms and leave Kesrith, never to return. Niun walked to the spaceport, with his dusei companion, Edral, at his side, and got on the first transport. He and Edral wandered for a couple of years and finally ended up on Earth.

He was encouraged to join Starfleet and he enrolled in Starfleet Academy - however, much to everyone's surprise, he chose Engineering.

He was on Earth, camping after the Washington's decommissioning, when Bayre came to him. The aging Dusei was going home to die and Bayre had been sent to take his place. Partings would never be easy for him and this one was no exception. While Edral had been dignified and deliberate, slow to engage, Bayre showed a great deal of interest in everything around him and is much younger than Edral was when he arrived.

Culture/History Notes

The Mri are divided into three castes:
- Azhadi: Warriors who dress in black. Because they interact with outsiders, they veil their faces to preserve the privacy of the People. Furthermore, they are forbidden to read or write, lest they inadvertently betray the ancient secrets of the People. They are masters of both the traditional edged weapons of the People and the modern weapons they use as mercenaries. They play shon’ai, the traditional passing game of the People, with knives. They are sometimes called: 'the outward-turned face', 'the living weapon', or 'the brief and brightest star'.
- Moaku: Scholars and secret-keepers that dress in gold, except for the Imai or matriarch of the tribe, who dresses in white. They keep the sacred writings of their people, and are celibate. Because they do not interact with outsiders, they do not veil their faces. They play shon’ai with wands. The Imai, leader and spiritual mother to the tribe, is usually Sen.
- Amrazi: Children and those women that do not join either the Kel or Sen and dress in blue. No man past puberty may remain Amrazi, and those unsuited for Azhadi or Moaku die. The Amrazi are considered by some to be the lowest caste of the mri, responsible for the breaking down and setting up camp, preparing meals, mending clothes, etc. However, it is more true to say that the Amrazi are the heart of the people, certainly they bring great comfort to the Azhadi. Amrazi play shon’ai with a pair of rounded stones.
- Imai: The religious leader and matriarch of the tribe. Usually Moaku, the Imai's decisions are never questioned. To do otherwise, is an immediate death sentence.

Trials to Become Azhadi
- Complete a vigil where they do not sleep for 48 hours, standing watch over the mysteries (sacred text that they are never permitted to touch or see, always separated by a screen)
- Live for two weeks in the wilderness through their own skill and toughness without tools or supplies
- Complete a 400 mile run within five days

+ Telepathic but generally only with the one they choose to pair/bond with
+ Communicate telepathically through images
+ Much more intelligent than most suspect
+ Have their own agenda usually involving ecological concerns.
+ How and why they choose someone to pair/bond with is a mystery. Not every dusei does. But if one so chooses, they will travel long distances, even between worlds, to find that individual and will remain at the person's side. If rejected, they will choose death, lying as close to the individual as possible while refusing food or water.
Service Record 2358: Born on Kesrith.
2370: Began training as a warrior
2375: Completed his trials and became Azhadi.
2380: Ordered to lay down his sword and leave Kesrith
2380: Met and traveled with a Deltan Merchant, Tal. Learned to read and write.
2382: Traveled to Earth.
2385: Entered Starfleet Academy.
2389: Graduated Starfleet Academy. Assigned Engineer USS Washington.
2391: Became Beta Shift Lead, USS Washington
2394: Became Asst. Chief Engineer, USS Washington
2396: Promoted to Chief Engineer, USS Washington
2399: USS Washington decommissioned.
2399: Transferred to USS Apollo as Chief Engineer.