Star Trek: Apollo


Commander Amiyah Palmer

Name Amiyah Jane Palmer

Position Second Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Species Human
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9”
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Physically Fit and Strong due to her Martial Arts. Strikingly Beautiful.
Avatar Sophie Cookson


Spouse None
Children None
Father Joshua Palmer
Mother Alexandria Palmer
Brother(s) Jack Palmer
Sister(s) Kaylee Palmer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amiyah is headstrong and determined. Always wanting to find the best in whoever is under her. She works hard in her task to make sure that everything is the best it can be. Tough and Stern when she needs to be. Her time fighting has made her pretty fearless and she always enjoy a good challenger.
Strengths & Weaknesses Though her strength are fighting and weapons, as well as some programming and teaching. She is not well versed in the fields of Engineering. She knows enough to get by but don’t ask her to refit an entire ship. Same with Medical don’t ask her to be part of triage. It wouldn’t be pretty.
Ambitions Her goals are to eventually command a ship or help command which she has partially accomplished. She strives to help educate people in Security and Tactics. She also wants people to be an,e to defend themselves as well
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts and Weapons Training. She enjoys a good holodeck program and has always been a fan of some 21st Century TV shows.