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Lieutenant Markus Sheppard

Name Markus Sheppard

Position Former Character

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Species Human
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Age 28
Character Summary A warm, gentle and charismatic man of Scottish decent. He grew up without a father and am absent mother who dedicated her life to Starfleet. He lives his life to help others and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Redish Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Markus carries a slight build and a relaxed posture. He is well groomed with hair held back into place neatly. His beard is meticulously trimmed and maintained. A charming smile and disarmingly warm gaze. Ruggedly handsome and charismatic.
Avatar Ewan McGregor


Father Lt. Commander James Sheppard (KIA, Warp Core Design Specialist, USS Voyager, Delta Quadrant)
Mother Rear Admiral Kendra Sheppard, Starfleet Academy – Operations

Personality & Traits

General Overview Markus is a proud and passionate man. He’s warm and gentle but also stubbornly independent and self-sufficient. He grew up an only child to a single mother; his father having died and Markus never meeting him. He learned how to take care of himself at a young age and always had the side effect of instilling the need to help and protect others that couldn’t look after themselves.
Strengths & Weaknesses Markus finds his strength in his independent upbringing and . He us self motived and always eager for the next challenge. His compassion for others and his selflessness uplifts those around him. This ambition is a double-edged sword as it make’s himself vulnerable to the needs of those less fortunate and at times it has taken precedence over duty.
Ambitions Too excel in the ranks of Starfleet so he may have a ship of his own to make a difference with and protect those who need it.
Hobbies & Interests Markus had a lot of time as kid which he spent a lot of time reading about Earth’s history. He’s fascinated with 20th and 21st Century culture. He’s been known to run holodeck programs that pertaining particular to the sport of ice hockey. He recreates historical games and also plays with groups of shipmates wherever he goes.

Personal History Early History

Markus was born March 31st 2371 aboard the USS Horizon to parents Kendra and James Sheppard. At the time of his birth, Kendra was stationed on the Horizon as an Operations Officer and James was a Warp Design Specialist onboard the USS Voyager during its first mission to the Badlands. He had help with the design and installation for the Class 9 Warp Core and was on hand for its first tests in space. James died when Voyager was pulled to the Delta Quadrant.

This meant Markus was raised an only child by a single mother. He spent his first 3 years of life aboard the Horizon before being sent back to Earth at the start of the Dominion War to live with his paternal grandfather. The Horizon was on the front lines during the war and this took a massive toll on Markus’ mother. She was a broken women and didn’t feel she could be an affective mother with her husband dead and the horrors she experienced. Markus spent his childhood with his grandfather, who was a sick man and didn’t have the time or energy to care for a young boy.

This meant Markus grew up quickly, caring for his grandfather. These years formed the basis of who Markus is today. He learned to be self-sufficient and how to be compassionate and care to those in need.

Joining Starfleet

When Markus turned 18 and his grandfather having passed the year before and no longer needed caring for, he applied and was accepted to Starfleet. Though he’s seen the lows and dangers of service with the death of his father and the emotional toll take on his mother he still felt Starfleet was where he belonged so he could do the most good and help the most people.

He was a brilliant mind and studied ship operations and engineering like his father did. Although he excelled, he found he wasn’t passionate about it. In his 3rd year he shifted his focus to Security and Tactics courses feeling to fuel his desire to protect and care for others.

Graduating Starfleet

After graduation from Starfleet Markus was assigned to the Security Attaché Team of Commodore Riley O’Shea on Starbase 134. O’Shea was a Fleet Strategist part of a newly assembled team to keep an eye on the degrading relations with the Klingons.

USS Terra Nova

Markus first starship assignment was aboard the USS Terra Nova, Excelsior Class, where he got his first taste of real action. Being assigned to a starship was nothing like being aboard a starbase accompanying Admirals.

This is where Markus met Lt. Commander Emily Taylor who was the Chief of Security aboard the Terra Nova. She took him under his wing and mentored him.
After 2 years aboard; he was promoted to Lieutenant JG and the position as Asst. Security Chief.

The mentoring and guidance he received for Emily was invaluable and he built a work ethic and determination to duty for her example

USS Apollo
In 2399 after serving 4 years on the Terra Nova, a position aboard the USS Apollo destined for the Delta Quadrant became available. Emily had put Markus name forward as the replacement Chief of Security, feeling he was ready for the challenge.

When the position was offered to Markus he was appreciated for the confidence shown in him and accepted the posting without question.
Service Record 2389-2393: Starfleet Cadet – Starfleet Academy
2393-2396: Ensign – Security Attaché to Commodore Riley O’Shea – Starbase 134
2396-2398: Ensign – Security/Tactical Officer – USS Terra Nova
2398-2399: Lieutenant Junior Grade – Asst. Chief Security/Tactical Officer – USS Terra Nova
2399-Present: Lieutenant Junior Grade - Chief Security/Tactical Officer