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Lieutenant Wayne Creely

Name Wayne Creely

Position Former Character

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Species Human
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Age 37
Character Summary Wayne Creely is a Southern boy at heart, although the traditions that make the South different from any other region have long been abandoned, Wayne finds some form of comfort in those old traditions. Off duty you can often find him wearing some kind of Western style hat, but on duty Wayne is the model of a Starfleet Officer. Some people say too model, but that doesn't bother him too much.

Physical Appearance

Height 5"10
Weight 185lbs
Hair Color Dyed Grey
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Wayne is a man old before his time, as evidenced by his dyed Grey hair, something he always thought made him look distinguished. Average in build and height, Wayne is unassuming at first, which has helped him hone his bedside manner over the years. People aren't afraid of the 30 something with grey hair. Being kindly has always been in his nature which you can note on his face, laughter lines formed long ago and a decade of frowning too much at difficult medical problems have left their marks.


Father Bobby Creely
Mother Judy Creely
Brother(s) Harry Creely - 29
Chase Creely- 40

Personality & Traits

General Overview Wayne has been a medic ever since his older brother fell into a ravine when he was a kid. Patching up his brother before his parents found out was a rush and a bit of an epiphany for a boy of 11 years old. The surprising revelation that he was actually quite good at this "healing" stuff was all he needed to start focusing on this in his teenage years. A born natural some people called him. It actually got quite a bit tiresome and for a brief period before his academy years Wayne began to train for the Marines, hoping to break out of the mould that had been crafted by his own hand.

This didn't last too long but the training left its mark and Wayne became a medic first, but a keen bralwer second. This is a secret however that he doesn't like to share too much with others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Medicine, Diagnoses, Bedside Manner and downing a shot of Synthahol before you.

Weaknesses: Beer, Needles (yeah, it's quite the story), too much Fight and not enough Flight.
Ambitions After having reached Starfleet Academy Wayne dreamed of curing the next plague, helping to save the life of the unsaveable, the usual Doctor dreams. But after some time spent doing those things, it became a lot more simple. In his heart of hearts, Wayne wants to return to Earth and farm. It's an old way of life, but one he can see the appeal of.
Hobbies & Interests A keen but secret Brawler, Wayne enjoys a sparring match in the holodeck as much as anyone as well as keeping his pet Tarantula. An unusual pet, it's unusual for anyone to have pets these days. But the arachnids provide a sense of fascination for Wayne, as well as the enjoyment of providing for another lifeform, even if many humans find them terrifying.

Personal History Growing up on Earth is easy, they say. A dream childhood awaits every single member of our species now. War, poverty and all of those nasty little nuisances that used to exist have long gone. It's true, in many ways. Wayne had loving parents that supported their 3 sons wherever they could. But kids will be kids. And what kids like to do, is go exploring.

One frosty morning Wayne and his older brother Chase were out in the countryside climbing trees. An old earth tradition but those are the best ones. Chase slipped, fell and rather comically ended up in a ravine, with a broken leg. Apparently it was quite painful. Pain makes people but in reality for a 15 year old boy and his 11 year old brother, a broken leg is quite literally the end of the world. Their parents had always been strict about bringing supplies with them when they went exploring, and although Wayne had barely used a tricorder and the medical kit (he knew enough to use them a little), he managed to patch Chase up without their parents finding out.

Over the next phase of his life, Wayne learnt everything he could about medicine. His dad gave him PADD after PADD of delicious knowledge and Wayne started to practice in the local bars holodecks. He learnt about every kind of disease and ailment he could. Just before joining Starfleet though, he had a thought. "Is this really what I want?". Wayne had always been a physical boy, climbing trees hadn't been enough and he had enrolled in a boxing gym a few years before. The thrill of that hit was intoxicating to him.

For two years (pushing back his academy enrolment) Wayne trained up to become toned, slim and a brawling machine. Going out on treks for weeks at a time. Pushing his limits. Then his mothers illness came. He was out on a Mountain when his father called. "Son, we need you back home. Now"

This event changed the course he had been going down. His mothers disease was incurable. Or so they thought at the time. Wayne decided then and there to join Starfleet and find a cure, any way he could.

Since those years Wayne completed the academy and has been posted on many different assignments. But the cure for his mothers disease still alludes him. Now, a new challenge. Could the Delta Quadrant hold the answers?