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Commander Roy Tanner

Name Roy Moses Tanner

Position Former Character

Rank Commander

Character Information

Species Human
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Age 64
Character Summary Roy Tanner is a career engineer, first enlisting as a Crewman Recruit almost 50 years ago. Over a long and distinguished career, Tanner served on numerous starships, fought in and survived several battles and skirmishes (including the Battle of Wolf 359), transferred from enlisted rating to commissioned officer status, got married (and divorced) on four separate occasions, became a father seven times over and became an acknowledged expert on the engineering systems of the Rhode Island class after serving as Assistant Chief Engineering Officer and then Chief Engineering Officer aboard the lead ship of the class for almost ten years. After retiring from active duty in 2389, Tanner returned to Earth and his other love – raising horses and cattle – and began operating a successful ranch in Montana. When Admiral Knox triggered a little-known reserve activation clause recalling Tanner to active duty as Apollo’s Chief Engineering Officer, he was less than impressed…

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 191 lbs
Hair Color Brown / Grey
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tanner is of medium-build and is in good physical shape for a man of his age who exercises regularly. He is almost bald, and the hair that remains is now turning from brown to grey, as is his moustache and goatee beard. Laughter lines surround his bright blue eyes and his hands show the scars of someone who has experienced many years of manual labour. Whilst on duty, it isn’t unusual to find Tanner wearing a Starfleet baseball cap and off-duty can quite often be found wearing one of his large collection of cowboy hats.
Avatar Robert Duvall


Spouse Belinda Johnson (Married 2353, Divorced 2355) Rebecca Holland (Married 2357, Divorced 2363) Wilma Beauchamp (Married 2364, Divorced 2368) Carol-Ann Parker (Married 2368, Divorced 2380)
Children Commander Benjamin Tanner, Starfleet Engineering Officer (Born 2353)
Captain Jack Tanner, Starfleet Engineering Officer (Born 2355)
Lieutenant Commander Lucy Tanner, Starfleet Engineering Officer (Born 2362)
Lieutenant Commander Thomas Tanner, Starfleet Engineering Officer (Born 2366)
Lieutenant Jane Tanner, Starfleet Engineering Officer (Born 2368)
Lieutenant Laura Tanner, Starfleet Medical Officer (Born 2371)
Lieutenant Commander James Tanner, Starfleet Command Officer (Born 2373)
Father Henry Tanner Sr, Cattleman (Deceased)
Mother Martha Tanner, Homemaker (Deceased)
Brother(s) Henry Tanner Jr, Cattleman (Born 2333)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Roy Tanner is a difficult man to live with – as his four ex-wives would confirm. He is however a loving and nurturing parent and his seven children have always had their father’s full support – they just physically haven’t had him in their lives for a good portion of their lives. Tanner’s justification of this was to shrug and say ‘well that’s the job’ as an explanation for spending years off-planet in the engine rooms of various starships. In an attempt to make up for his regular and long absences, Tanner showered his children with gifts whenever he returned to Earth and kept them enraptured with exciting stories of first contact missions with unknown species and heroic battles against evil alien races.
Tanner is warm and friendly to most people he meets – unless or until they slight him or those he cares about, and is somewhat dismissive of authority, bureaucracy and structure. His promotion through the ranks was mostly due to the recommendations of senior officers rather than his own ambition – all Roy ever wanted to do was work in Engineering – and once he retired, to spend time riding his horses and rearing cattle on his Montana ranch.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Intelligent, vastly experienced, straight-talking, problem solver, creative, father figure to younger colleagues, trustworthy
Weaknesses -Stubborn, selfish, disrespectful, impatient
Ambitions Although he would claim his only remaining ambition is to return to his life of retirement back on the ranch in Montana, Tanner likes to be known as a miracle-worker and quietly enjoys the recognition he receives as an engineer. Apollo's engineering team is now an extension of his family and he will do anything to support their development and pursuit of their own ambitions.
Hobbies & Interests Horse riding, rock climbing, vintage automobile restoration, singing, dancing, and baseball.

Personal History Born Montana, Earth in 2335, Roy Moses Tanner was brought up on the family ranch. During his formative years, he and his older brother Henry Jr. spent their spare time working on the ranch and learning the business – their father’s expectation was that both of his sons would take over when they were old enough. Although interested in the ranch operation, what really excited young Roy was when things went wrong or needed to be fixed – it was at these times that he looked to Jim Morse, his father’s ranch manager. Morse had an uncanny knack of understanding the physical and technical requirements to solve any given problem that arose. This was Tanner’s first introduction to engineering – and he was fascinated by it.

As time went on and Tanner grew older, he began to dream of joining Starfleet and becoming a starship engineer. His father dismissed this idea to begin with, but when flood waters in Montana threatened to wash away the ranch and livestock in May 2349, and with Jim Morse off-planet visiting relatives, the 14 year-old Roy Tanner designed, constructed and implemented a set of flood defences and water run-offs himself. Not a single head of cattle was lost. Henry Sr. resigned himself to that fact that the ingenuity of his younger son would most likely be wasted running the family ranch. Reluctantly he validated Roy’s enlistment papers, and in 2351, at the age of 16, Tanner was accepted into the Starfleet Engineering School in San Diego as a Crewman Recruit.

Over the next several years, Tanner excelled in his duties and steadily rose through the enlisted rates and various engineering ratings. To say that he loved his job would be an understatement. Unfortunately, Tanner’s private life took a poor second place to his career and by 2367 he was on his third marriage. This was also the year that Starfleet engaged the Borg at Wolf 359.
By this point in his career, Tanner had been promoted to Chief Petty Officer and senior department NCO aboard the Nebula-class USS Endeavour – and although Endeavour was the sole surviving Starfleet vessel from the action, she lost fifty percent of her crew. The engineering department losses stood at over eighty percent.

Over the next two years, Tanner underwent extensive medical and psychological rehabilitation, finally coming to the conclusion that more of his team from Endeavour would still be alive if he had been the person making the decisions and giving the orders. On his return to duty, he applied to join the Enlisted to Officer Programme. He was accepted.

Tanner’s rehabilitation had been difficult for both he and his wife - and his third divorce happened soon after returning to Earth. During his recovery however, he had begun to develop feelings for his counselor – and she for him – and on his return to active duty in 2368, they were married.

Becoming a newly minted ensign at 36 years old was a difficult transition – especially when the majority of the more senior engineering officers he served under had substantially less knowledge and experience than he had. However, he followed orders, did his duty, and learned how to be a better leader. He undertook post-graduate courses in both counselling and strategic management whilst still keeping abreast of the latest engineering developments. Within five years, Tanner had been promoted twice and took up the position of Assistant Chief Engineering Officer aboard USS Rhode Island. The following year he was promoted again, this time to Lieutenant Commander.

In 2385, the then-Commander Tanner was transferred as Chief Engineering Officer aboard the ageing Excelsior-class heavy cruiser USS Hephaestion where he met and struck up an unlikely friendship with a young flight control ensign named Sean Gaudian. Gaudian’s cockiness and self-confidence reminded Tanner of him at that age and he used his experience to help the younger officer to manage those traits more successfully than he himself had handled them in his youth.

Tanner decided to retire in 2389, his fourth (and to date final) attempt at a successful marriage having failed almost ten years prior. Returning to Earth, he rejoined the family business, operating the Tanner Ranch in Montana with his older brother Henry – just as his father had planned forty years previously. During his four marriages, Tanner had fathered seven children - four boys and three girls - all of whom eventually applied to and were accepted into Starfleet Academy. As time passed, Tanner watched his children develop into fine officers and begin their careers on starships and starbases far away from their ageing father back on Earth. The irony of the situation was not lost on him…

In 2399, after ten years of Earth-bound retirement, an officer from Starfleet BuPers arrived at the ranch. A new Task Force was being developed to explore the Delta Quadrant – and one of those vessels was a Rhode Island-class frigate in need of a Chief Engineer. Vice-Admiral Jonathan Knox had reactivated his reserve commission.
Leaving Earth and his beloved Montana behind, Tanner reported for duty aboard Apollo with mixed feelings, curious as to what this second part of his Starfleet career might bring.
Service Record 2351 Crewman Recruit - Starfleet Engineering School, San Diego, Earth

2352 Crewman Apprentice - Warp Systems Apprentice, USS Leeds (Nebula Class)

2353 Crewman - Impulse Systems Technician, USS Leeds (Nebula Class)

2355 Crewman - Weapons Engineering Technician, USS Excalibur (Ambassador Class)

2358 Petty Officer 3rd Class - Engineer’s Mate 3rd Class (Propulsion Systems), USS Hathaway (Constellation Class)

2361 Petty Officer 2nd Class - Engineer’s Mate 2nd Class (Tactical Systems), USS Melbourne (Excelsior Class)

2364 Petty Officer 1st Class - Engineer’s Mate 1st Class (Propulsion Systems), USS Endeavour (Nebula Class)

2367 Chief Petty Officer - Chief Engineer’s Mate (Engineering Senior NCO), USS Endeavour (Nebula Class)

2367 Chief Petty Officer - Medical & Psychological Rehabilitation following Wolf 359

2369 Midshipman - Enlisted Commissioning School, Pensacola, Florida

2371 Ensign - Tactical Systems Engineering Officer, USS Galaxy (Galaxy Class)

2372 Lieutenant JG - Tactical Systems Engineering Officer, USS Galaxy (Galaxy Class)

2374 Lieutenant - Propulsion Systems Engineering Officer, USS Galaxy (Galaxy Class)

2376 Lieutenant - Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Rhode Island (Rhode Island class)

2377 Lieutenant Commander - Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Rhode Island (Rhode Island class)

2380 Lieutenant Commander - Chief Engineering Officer, USS Rhode Island (Rhode Island Class)

2385 Commander - Chief Engineering Officer, USS Hephaestion (Excelsior class)

2389 Commander - Reserve Engineering Officer, Starfleet Reserve Corps

2399 Commander - Chief Engineering Officer, USS Apollo (Rhode Island class)