Star Trek: Apollo


Master Chief Phen Marat

Name Phen Marat

Position Lead Lab Technician
Scientist's Mate

Rank Master Chief

Character Information

Species Zakdorn
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Age 55
Character Summary Marat is stubborn, officious, and bureaucratic. If you want a specimen case or a piece of lab equipment, you better have filled out the correct forms in triplicate to his standards. His domain is all of the practical matters related to running a science department, ranging from assigning lab time to ensuring that protocols are being followed and he takes this job very seriously.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black


Spouse None
Children None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marat is very focused on regulations and maintaining order within his domain. He can be extremely stubborn, even with senior officers, especially if they make an unusual request or don't appear to be taking his position seriously.

Service Record 2344-2362 - Civilian
2362-2363 - Enlisted Trainee - Starfleet Enlisted Training Center, Zakdorn
2363-2364 - Orderly - Starfleet Medical, Tellar Prime
2364-2368 - Lab Technician - Starfleet Medical, Tellar Prime
2368-2375 - Lead Lab Technician - USS Hope
2375-2380 - Lead Lab Technician - USS Hawking
2380-2390 - Lead Lab Technician - Starbase 418
2390-2393 - Lead Lab Technician - Starbase 74
2393-2399 - Lead Lab Technician - USS Asimov
2399-Present - Lead Lab Technician & Scientist's Mate - USS Apollo

Dates of Rank:
2362 - Crewman Recruit
2362 - Crewman Apprentice
2363 - Crewman
2364 - Petty Officer, Third Class
2366 - Petty Officer, Second Class
2368 - Petty Officer, First Class
2372 - Chief Petty Officer
2382 - Senior Chief Petty Officer
2390 - Master Chief Petty Officer