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Lieutenant Róisín Hughes

Name Róisín "Rosheen" Hughes

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Species Human
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 137 lbs
Hair Color Fiery red
Eye Color Jade green
Physical Description Rosheen's frizz of fiery red hair frames a face that seems permanently set in a wry smile. As it tends to get in the way while on-duty, she keeps her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail while in Sickbay.


Father Thomas Hughes †
Mother Mhearai Hughes
Brother(s) Thomas (Eileen) Hughes, Jr.
Ahearn Hughes
Sister(s) Aisling (John) Sutton-Hughes
Rhiannon Hughes

Personality & Traits

General Overview The eldest of five siblings, Rosheen has a knack for getting into - and out of - trouble. Preferring sarcasm and lighthearted practical jokes to destructive behavior such as "true" pranks or late-night gallivanting, she enjoys life's simpler pleasures.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rosheen's highly chaotic mind has a knack for recalling exactly what she needs to know exactly when she needs to know it, but only if she *truly* needs to know it. This double-edged sword has led her to jokingly diagnose herself with a "selectively-eidetic" memory.
Ambitions When it comes right down to it, Rosheen just wants to settle down and raise a family, though she's quite picky about with whom she'll do so.
Hobbies & Interests Rosheen likes to listen to hardcore and progressive rock music interspersed with the occasional traditional Irish folk tune, leading to a rather interesting playlist for her personal quarters. She also enjoys studying linguistics, especially the sub-field of phonemic orthography - the biology of the species often leads to related lexicographal developments, and knowing much about one helps with learning the other.

Personal History Rosheen was born on Starbase 56, and it didn't take her long to figure out that she enjoyed dissecting things. Rather than discourage the practice, her parents found more things for her to eviscerate. When she was old enough to attend pre-med school, her mother flew with her to Earth, where she enrolled in the program at Trinity College Dublin.

When Rosheen's boyfriend got her best friend pregnant in their third year at the school, she put aside her study of medicine and transferred to the exobiology program at Starfleet Academy as a means to get away from the situation. While she did well in the program, her decision to run from the problem caused a few psychological issues. Once she completed her testing as a Cadet, she returned to medical school to complete her studies - after all, she'd originally intended to be a doctor, so she should at least finish her study. She didn't see either her ex-boyfriend or her ex-best friend when she returned, and after graduation she learned that the pair had been wed at phaser-point. This triggered a fit of laughter, and after seeing a counselor for a few months, she was able to put the entire incident fully behind her.

After completing her medical degree in Dublin, she applied for Starfleet Medical. Her application was deferred as Starfleet assigned her to the USS Budapest as a Nurse. A few months later, however, she was called home unexpectedly when her father took ill. She sat by him with her mother as he succumbed to the unidentified alien illness. She was understandably horrified by the events of the Battle of Sector 001, which took place while she was watching her father die.

After this, her application for Starfleet Medical was accepted, and she graduated five years later. The study had been hard, but she was proud of her degree. She then put in for an assignment, and was assigned to the USS Budapest as a Doctor. After serving on board the Pelican for eleven years, she was promoted to CMO of the ship when Dr. Telivar transferred to another vessel. After another decade with Captain Renault, she wanted a change of pace. Her transfer request was given a favorable comment by Captains Selma and Renault, the two Captains under whom she had served while on board the Pelican.
Service Record 2373-2373: USS Budapest - Nurse
2373-2378: Starfleet Academy
2378-2389: USS Pelican - Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2389-2399: USS Pelican - Chief Medical Officer
2389-present: USS Apollo - Chief Medical Officer