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February Awards

Posted on Tue Mar 17th, 2020 @ 6:47pm by Captain Sean Gaudain

Hi, All,

Thanks for hanging in there last month, we did a really good job with activity and I think the writing we did was really worthy of recognition, hence awarding the Apollo Task Force 38's Sim of the Month for February!

“The crew of the Apollo remain consistently one of the most active groups in the fleet, thanks especially to Panic and Mark (the two AGMs) working to remind people of tags and keep the pace moving. In the month of February, the Apollo wrote 35 posts spread across 14 entries, due to the high level of collaboration and volume of joint posts. The characters are interesting and the group is managing to maintain a focus on quality even with their high volume.”

To go along with this, congrats also to Panic, who won Task Force 38's Player of the Month and our local Player of the Month citation as well. :)

“Panic has been consistently one of the strongest players aboard the Apollo, and as XO has really stepped up to help me keep the sim moving as I’ve taken on more and more responsibilities elsewhere in the fleet. On top of being active, their writing is superb and they have helped immensely brainstorming character arcs and being a vibrant, integral part of the story the Apollo is crafting, and thus the story the Task Force is creating.”

I'm awarding Post of the Month to Mathias Darnell and Theo McDonnell for "Post 30 - Broken Bow," as I thought it was an excellent interlude between two junior officers.

In non-monthly news, I also want to announce that I've awarded two fleet level awards:

The Writing Profiency Ribbon ("Awarded to a player for showing excellence in writing and development of storylines and of characters they write as.") to Panic:

“Panic is one of the strongest writers I have worked with in my long tenure as a player in multiple fleets and organizations. Their writing is consistent and engaging. Cal Everett, their main character, has severe mysophobia and is a Betazoid without the traditional telepathic abilities associated with that species. This character is written in a way that makes these aspects of their personality and history work seamlessly into the story, and we can always count on excellent posts from Panic.”


The Collaboration Ribbon ("The Collaboration Ribbon is awarded to individuals who are deemed to have worked hard in collaboration with others and who embodies the true meaning of teamwork and collaboration, perhaps through joint posts, website creation or by joining different Offices in the fleet.") to Mark:

“Mark is an incredible team player, not only helping me keep track of characters with a spreadsheet he created all on his own, but also keeping tabs with players in the two departments he writes in, which is never something I’d expect from an in-character department head. In his short time aboard the Apollo and in the fleet, he’s really stepped up to write an astonishing number of joint and solo posts and to really be the heart of our sim, in addition to joining the specs team and writing up the Steamrunner-class.”

Well deserved, all around!



Vice Admiral Jonathan Knox
Commander, Task Force 38



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