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January Awards + Roster Modifications

Posted on Mon Feb 10th, 2020 @ 6:17pm by Captain Sean Gaudain

Hi, All,


For January I'm awarding post of the month to T'Pom for his introduction; it was a great way of getting to know a new and interesting character.

As to player of the month, Mark has really hit the ground running on the Apollo, participating at a very high level right from the beginning. He's been willing to do joint posts with anyone and is helping the group leaders keep an eye on activity. Additionally, he's volunteered to be part of the specs team in his first month in Bravo Fleet, and that's the kind of energy we like to see. He will also be receiving the Task Force 38 Player of the Month award.

Roster Modifications:

Due to activity levels, I am moving Lt. J.G. Aiken Roush back to Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer and moving Lt. Róisín Hughes to Assistant Chief Medical Officer. I have also deactivated Ensign T'Mol, who was to be our Chief Nurse. No hard feelings, but we need to open those slots back up to allow people to apply for them.

I see activity picking back up and I'm looking forward to seeing how things progress in February!



Captain Gaudain


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