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December Awards

Posted on Sun Jan 5th, 2020 @ 11:07pm by Captain Sean Gaudain

Hi, everyone,

We've had another great month on the Apollo--bandwidth issues aside. :)

This month, I'm giving Post of the Month to Post 16 - The Maxwell Meeting, written by Nysota, Panic, and myself. (Almost all of the posts this month were joint posts with me, so... sorry about that.) We often want our characters to be likable all-stars, but Dr. Maxwell definitely has some issues in his past that set the captain and first officer on edge in a way that was fun to write and interesting to read.

I'm awarding Player of the Month to Ensign Mathias Darnell, who's really jumped into things and wrote two huge joint-posts within days of joining. He's been great to write with and I'm looking forward to seeing big things from him going forward.



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