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November Awards

Posted on Wed Dec 4th, 2019 @ 3:18am by Captain Sean Gaudain
Edited on Sun Jan 5th, 2020 @ 11:01pm

Hello, all,

Congratulations on a great first month as the Apollo. The move from the Diligent has gone more smoothly than I could have imagined, thanks to all of your hard work. I'm really pleased with the direction our posts are going and the quality of the writing we're doing.

I want to announce three awards for this month, and this is something I'll do every month.

First, our local post and player of the month which will also automatically be nominated for the Task Force's equivalent awards.

Player of the Month: J.L. Galloway, aka Lieutenant, J.G. Kimberly Wilson

Jay has been active since the very start of this sim when it was still the Diligent and he has been incredibly patient and supportive as we’ve gone through periods of inactivity and command shifts, even going so far as to make an entirely new character for our move this month to the Apollo. He is highly supportive of the rest of the crew and makes our Discord channel a fun place just to chat, while also performing very well in all of our joint-posts and making his character (an inexperienced junior officer) appropriately enthusiastic and eager to prove herself in-character.

Post of the Month: “The Paralysis of Choice” by Shenmi, aka Lt. Cmdr. Niun

In the simming world, it’s so easy to fall into standard tropes for characters: Vulcan science officers, Klingon security officers, and other expected, anticipated combinations that lead to predictable character development. I want to recognize Shenmi, aka Lt. Cmdr. Niun for developing a custom race (the Mri) with a well-thought culture that meshes very well with the Star Trek universe in ways that many fan races fail to do. In addition, his first post was a fascinating and intriguing look into this character’s psyche that showed us a lot about him and led us to want to know more.

And, second,

I have nominated AdvisedPanic, aka Commander Cal Everett for the Dedicated Service Citation - 6 Months, for having more than six months of tenure in the fleet. It hasn't yet been awarded, but that's an automatic process. Congratulations on being with us through this milestone!

-David, aka Captain Gaudain



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