Star Trek: Apollo



This group functions as a collaborative writing group, so we have a few expectations for our writers to make the experience fun and safe for all participants, as well as to ensure the quality of our writing.



Formatting and Other Post Guidelines

In addition to the metadata, please include these two lines at the top of each post, to benefit users reading in Reader Mode or in PDF:

[Setting - Specific Setting]
[Mission Day XX - Time]

If your setting can be more specific, you can add a second line with that information.

For example:

[USS Apollo - Main Bridge]
[Mission Day 01 - 1200 Hours]


[USS Apollo - Deck 2]
[Sickbay - Medical Lab]
[Mission Day 05 - 2100 Hours]

If your post is set in more than one area or time frame, consider splitting it into two posts (if they're long enough to stand alone) or mark the change in setting with additional tags showing what has changed in the body of your text.

[USS Apollo - Main Bridge]
[Mission Day 01 - 1200 Hours]

In this sentence we're on the bridge. But then we get into the turbolift and then we end up on Deck 10 to go to sickbay.

[USS Apollo - Deck 2]
[Sickbay - Medical Lab]

Now we're in sickbay.

Finally, please sign the post with each character's name and position, especially if a minor character doesn't have an entry on the manifest.

Captain Sean Gaudain
Commanding Officer
USS Apollo